Rooms by Lauren Oliver

I picked this book up from my local library because I’ve read five of Lauren’s books (Delirium trilogy, Before I Fall and Panic) and one novella (Alex).

I liked Rooms a lot better than most of her other books except Before I Fall, which I loved.

Rooms is about tRoomshe Walker family that turn up to Coral River after the death of Caroline’s ex-husband and Minna and Trenton’s father die for their inheritance. The house is also inhabited by two ghosts, Alice and Sandra. Each chapter is in a different character’s point of view.

I literally could not put this book down. The characters story’s were interesting, even if I didn’t like the characters themselves. As their past came out my opinion of them changed. I did figure out what happened to Vivian before it was revealed in the book though.

Out of the two books I’ve read this year, this is by far the best. I’m sure it won’t stay at the top of the list as I’ll be finishing the Heroes of Olympus series this year and I love Percy, Annabeth and Leo.

Lauren has a book, Vanishing Girls, that is coming out this year I think. I’ll read that when I can find it at the library.

My next read is Forever by Maggie Stiefvater and then onto Sinner.

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