The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple is my Pulitzer-Prize winning book on the 2015 Reading challenge. I googled a list of books that won a Pulitzer and this one stood out.ColorPurple

The list also has a book with a colour in the title but I decided not to use this one for that.

Anyway, I didn’t really know what to expect with this book when I started it but I managed to finish it in a day. I don’t really understand why it won a Pulitzer, it didn’t stand out from other books I’ve read.

The writing and language reminded me of The Help, which I loved, so maybe I was comparing them. I don’t know. If I was I wasn’t doing it on purpose.

The book was okay. Some of the characters in it were funny, like Sofia.

The timeline in the book confused me though. When Celie was writing it seemed like years had passed since Sofia married her stepson (forgot his name) to the part where she hits the mayor and then when her sister starts writing it made it sound like only months had passed. Which wasn’t possible because Sofia had six kids between then and the arrest. But whatever. It was just one thing in a book I didn’t really like.

I’ve been told that the movie is really good so I might watch that one day and see if I can connect to the characters in a way I couldn’t in the book.

I feel like I was obviously missing something when I was reading it that a lot of other people got.

Oh well, onto the next book now.

Happy reading bookworms, A


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