The Selection by Kiera Cass.

Sorry I’ve been away. I’ve somehow managed to hurt my left hip really bad and can hardly walk. Sleeping isn’t so great either so I’m exhausted during the day. No patience with the laptop lately. Enough of the moaning. Time to review another book.

The_Selection_CoverThe Seclection is a chance for 35 girls to be chosen for a chance to change their life. They are chosen to compete (BacheloretteΒ style) for the love of Prince Maxon. This is a tradition for all of Illea when a prince comes of age. Apparently, when it’s a princesses turn to be married she’s shipped off to another country to marry their royalty. But that’s not in this book.

America Singer didn’t want to be part of the Selection. She did it for her family. For the money. But, she finds friends where she didn’t expect to. Especially one friend she didn’t expect. America has to leave a love behind to compete for a crown she doesn’t want. In a place she doesn’t want to be. That’s threatened by rebel attacks.

Prince Maxon isn’t what he seems. He’s been in the spotlight his whole life but never had an actual friend. He has advisers and his parents. Then he has 35 young women competing for him. Or theΒ crown.

I hate watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette and this book reminds me a lot of that show. But this has differences. First, the girls are competing to be a princess and future queen. Second, they are under attack by rebels who you never meet but are there, being talked of. They’re all very mysterious. Lastly, the women aren’t all airheads and people I can’t stand to watch. Yes, I can say there is one girl I would like to punch in her smug mouth but the others seem okay.

I do like America and Marlee (and yes, I have read the second book so you can’t spoil me). They are girls I’d like to be friends with. Oh, and May, America’s younger sister. She’s hilarious. I like Maxon. Aspen. Hmm, I’m not sure about him. I know how America feels about him but he wasn’t in it a lot and then she gets sent to the palace. I know Maxon a lot more.

I’ll be reading The Elite again when I pull it out of my To Read Jar. I haven’t read The One yet but I’m sure I know how it ends with The Heir coming out this year.

These books are not only really addictive but also have such pretty covers. Both times I read this book I couldn’t put it down. I wish they were longer but then it would just ruin the story if they were dragged out.

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “The Selection by Kiera Cass.

  1. I think I saw this a couple of times on goodreads. I’m glad to hear its addicting and somewhat good, and that content lives up to the cover (it’s beautiful). I’ll have to pick this one up!


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