Yay, new books!

I said in yesterday’s blog post that I would share my recent purchases. I was going to take photos outside to be different but the weather isn’t cooperating. So I’ve had to use the photos I’ve put on my Instagram account.

The I got The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven together. There was a buy one get one half price deal going and I couldn’t resist.

11006063_10155125778335018_2095339326_nI’ve seen The Winner’s Curse all over Instagram and I love the cover. It’s about Kestrel who has two choices, join the army or get married. Apparently she has other ideas and buys a slave. It looks like this has a lot of consequences. I’ve no idea what they are obviously but I do really want to read it. A bonus with this book was I got this half price with All the Bright Places but it seems I got more off. This only cos me $5. It was meant to be $20 so how I got it for $5 I’ve no idea.

The next book I got is All the Bright Places. I actually think I picked this one up first. I’ve 11006083_10155134207065018_379438087_nwanted this book for so long. I heard about it last year on NetGally but I wasn’t approved to read it. Anyway this book is about a guy and a girl who are both going through tough times and I guess fall for each other. I’m pretty sure it’s more complicated than that. Finch is obsessed with death and dying while Violet is counting down the days till she can graduate and leave. I’ve heard it’s like The Fault in Our Start and Eleanor and Park (which I haven’t read yet). I loved TFIOS so I’m sure I’ll love this. I’ve been told to have tissues ready and that it’s life changing. I’m not sure if that’s setting me up for a fall but I hope not. Also, the cover for this is so pretty. I love the bird and post it notes. Hopefully my review of this is better than my crappy description.

11003958_10155140986005018_989929382_nThe last book I got arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s Silent Echo by Elisa Freilich. So this book is about Portia Griffin who’s been mute for 16 years (she was born that way) and when her silence is finally broken she discovers she’s able to persuade, seduce and destroy using her voice. Portia then starts to search for clues for who/what she really is. This book has a Greek mythology which I’ve really gotten into from the Percy Jackson books. So thanks to Rick Riordan for that. I again love this cover.
Anyway, not sure when I’ll be able to get around to reading these books. I have a TBR jar to get through first which I have finally started using. Yay me. Both the books I’ve pulled out so far have been eBooks. So I’ve been reading a book from the library at the same time for when the battery on my tablet dies.

If you have read any of these books let me know what you thought of them.

Happy reading,


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