Review: The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

10984774_10155093682425018_1903562105_n My friend let me borrow her copy of The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead. Actually she let me borrow her copies of Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines series. She hasn’t finished Bloodlines, I think she’s on the second book but she hasn’t read any in years. Keeps buying the new ones though. So she let me borrow them all last year and I had a Richelle Mead marathon.

When Ruby Circle arrived I didn’t want to read it but at the same time I couldn’t wait. From what I remember Silver Shadows left off with Adrian and Sydney at Court (not spoiling why they’re at the Moroi Court but oh my god, it was great) and Jill had been kidnapped but no one knew by who.

This book picks up with Adrian and Sydney still at Court and Rose and Dimitri are chasing up clues about Jill, who’s still missing. I can’t remember how long it’s been between books but I think a few months has passed.

Obviously, Sydney and Adrian, with the help of Eddie, Mrs Terwilliger (think I spelt that wrong), Rose, Dimitri, Neil (is it?) and even Adrian’s mother to look for and find Jill.

A lot of stuff happens in this book and it seems to be really fast passed. I wish it were longer so that it didn’t seem to be so rushed. I did try to read this slowly to make it last longer. Because I’m only going to read it for the first time once.

I do wish that she wouldn’t repeat all the vampire lore again. It’s the 6th book in the Bloodlines series and the 12th book in this universe. I’m pretty sure we all know by now that dhampir and dhampir can’t have kids together and about sunlight on Moroi skin. It just gets a little annoying after so long.

I read the acknowledgements and Richelle did say in there that she didn’t think this is the last we’ve heard from these characters so *fingers crossed* that she’ll write more books one day. I would love to know more about Jill and Eddie. I don’t know, maybe it’s enough with Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. But if she did write more, I’d read them.

This review has been so hard because I really don’t want to spoil anyone. This is the last book (so far) in Richelle Meads vampire universe and I know I’d be angry if I was spoiled. If you have read it though, let me know what you though.

Happy reading,


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