Review: The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard.

I’ve officially started using my TBR jar (I did put it in a previous blog with a book haul I think). Basically I wrote every book I haven’t read on my shelves and my tablet and the books I want to reread into origami stars and put them into a jar. I pull one out and that’s the book I read. The first book I got was The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard.

Let me just say now that I’ve read most of Sara’s books. The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars and The Heiresses. I’ve read most of Pretty Little Liars series, I think I’m on book 15. I have two (??) novellas left in The Lying Game series. But I’ve read A LOT of her books.

11026782_10155144762900018_204274464_nAnyway, The Perfectionists is about five girls, I think, that play a prank on a bully in their school at a party and later that night he’s found dead. These girls are sure they didn’t kill him so they keep what they did secret. Or, they think they do. Apparently some one saw them.

Throughout the book clues point them to suspect someone of killing the stupid boy but then something happens and they don’t know what to think. What they do know is that to the police they are starting to look guilty.

This book reminds me SO MUCH of Pretty Little Liars and The Heiresses. The Lying Game is a bit different but still the same. I feel like Sara can’t write about anything else other than girls keeping secrets, people dying, the girls trying to find out what the hell is going on while secrets about themselves come out and then being set up for murder or just looking guilty while more people die.

The problem I have with these books are they’re kind of addicting. I see what happening every time but I just keep reading because all the secrets are kind of good. Plus, I want to know who killed the guy who probably deserved it. In Pretty Little Liars I want to know who A is (the TV show as well) but I feel like I might be dead before that secrets revealed.

I’m going to read the sequel when it comes out. I’m not planning on buying her books because there are 17 in the Pretty Little Liars series and that’s just way too much. I don’t mid reading them, they’re really quick reads but owing them in another thing.

If you’ve read any of Sara’s books let me know what you thought.

Harry reading,


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