Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen.

I’m so behind on my reviews. I haven’t done any in a week I think. Maybe longer. I’ve been a bit distracted. Hopefully I can start getting back into it now.

The Moon and More is another book I pulled out of my TBR jar. I think I’ve done my TBR jar differently to other people but this works better for me. Anyway, this is another eBook. I have two or three more books by Sarah Dessen on my tablet.

So this book is about Emaline and it’s set in the summer before she goes away to college. Her boyfriend, Luke, who’s she’s been with for most of high school got into the same college as her and it looks like they’re going to be happily together at college. Until, they’re not.11026463_10155151632915018_1901092494_n

Emaline meets Theo, sophisticated, crazily ambitious, exciting, new, and smart. He also thinks Emaline it smarter than Colby and the college she’s planning on going to. The one she has a scholarship to.

Her absentee father thinks she’s too smart for the college she’s accepted and that it should be IvyΒ Leage all the way. But that doesn’t work for Emaline. She has a scholarship and it’s close to the only home she’s ever known and the family she loves. Close, but still far enough that she’ll be leaving to start her own life.

This book is so much like Sarah’s other books I’ve read that I’m slowly loosing interest in them. It seems like she writes about the same thing every time. I did like Dreamland (which I admit was different) and What Happened to Goodbye but the rest are really similar. So similar that I was able to predict what Emaline would do.

I thought Theo was ridiculous. All his “Best First Date Ever” and “Best Summer Ever” drove me nuts. Also, they were really pathetic. The dates too. Ugh. I just could not be around a guy like Theo. I think he’d give me a headache.

As for her father (not to be confused with her dad), he’s a bit mental too. Like, the way he treats Emaline when she wants to know what happened with college. I mean, if you make a promise that big and can’t follow through with it the least you could do it explain. Then the way he treats his son (can’t remember his name) who’s 10-years-old and needs to run and play not sit inside and read all day while his dad works. He’s on vacation, he’s a kid. Just, ugh, these characters are so frustrating.

Then there’s Luke who got angry with Emaline because she accidentally didn’t reply to his text and goes out and cheats on her with some gross tourist who hit on him in a really sleazy way. It’s just pathetic.

I don’t know what I’ll do if the other books I have of Sarah’s are the same. I’ll probably give up on reading them. Which is disappointing because I did like her books. I just don’t like how most of them have the same story and the same settings.

Until next time bookworms,

2 thoughts on “Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen.

  1. I do agree that a lot of Dessen’s books are similar. However something about reading a light and fun Dessen novel in the summer makes me compelled to buy the newly released ones anyway. Plus, I don’t think there’ll ever be a novel that can rival with The Truth About Forever. :/


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