Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor.

This is the last book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I am so glad that I’ve finally finished it. I will never read them again.

So much crap happens in this book I don’t even know how to summarise it without spoiling it for the people who actually like it. So if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now. I’m not going to talk about everything because there’s just too much.

The book picks up before the ‘army’ goes back to Eretz to stop the killing. At the end of the second book the army is already in Eretz in the Kirin caves but at this one started before they’d even left and I think it took about 100 pages to get there. So boring and unnecessary.

Anyway the army goes to Eretz and hides in a cave trying to get along. Akiva does some magic to help with the eye things on the chimaera’s hands because apparently he’s all-powerful.

taylor_godsandmonstersThen there’s stuff going on with a random human on Earth. WTH? I mean, like there isn’t enough crap going on she had to add in another storyline to it. As well as the Stelains or whatever. I don’t know why she packed so much crap into one book but it was really friggen annoying. How much crap can go on in one freaking book?

Was she like ‘Oh this parts a bit dull I’ll just add a human that no one knows or really cares about with secrets. A random douche she works with and a crazy cult to top it off,’ I don’t get it.

When I thought the book was all done and it could’ve been all wrapped up there was still the random angles to deal with from the Far Isles and Eliza. Which was another 100+ pages to read. It was like never-ending.

The love story in this book was pathetic. Who even falls for someone dying on a battle field and then has sex with them the next time they meet. They don’t even know each other.

The amount of times I rolled my eyes reading that Karou or Akiva wanted to just go off and bang while their world was falling apart. I think they called it cake? Β I mean come on! It was all just too much. The romanceΒ always seemed so forced. I never buy into the love at first sight thing. It’s crap. And this love at first sight was even more mental. I do not get the hype at all.

Then to solve the Akiva-Karou-Ziri triangle Laini shoves Liraz and Ziri together. Bit too convenient I think. Talk about mental. Again, that felt forced too. So Liraz was attacked and Ziri saved her and what? Fell for her scent? I don’t even know. Then Liraz wakes up and finds out who Ziri is? Thaigo is? Anyway, the next thing she’s in love with him, or as close as Liraz can get to love.

I’m glad I finally finished this trilogy. I will not be reading them again. I will not recommend them. They have to be the worst books I’ve read this year and I don’t think I’ll read anything worse. I seriously wish I’d never even picked up the first one.

Okay, I’d done with ranting about this book. I’m so sorry if it’s all jumbled and doesn’t make sense.

I hope you’re all reading better books.

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