Review: Awakening by Shannon Duffy.

Earlier this month I emailed someone at Entangled TeenΒ and asked if I could review Awakening by Shannon Duffy. I was sent an e-copy of the book and from the day I started it I was hooked.

I was reading this on my tablet and I couldn’t put it down. The only time I actually put it down longer than the time it took to make a drink or get some food was because my tablet had gone flat and I had no choice.

Desiree Six (Six because she was born on a Friday) has no problem in believing in everything the Protectorate does in the name of ‘protecting their citizens.’ Not only choosing their careers but their partners, the number of kids they can have (always one) the date she will die and when and how she sleeps. Desiree has no problem with any of this.Β 22514518

When her one of her childhood friends, Darian, is convicted of murdering his parents she doesn’t even question it. Because why would the Protectorate lie about that? Even though she knew him and his parents. Knew what they were like together. If the Protectorate say he did it, then he did it.

Then Darian shows up in how room one night. He’s escaped from the Terrorscape, which is what the Protectorate use to punish the Noncompliants, and has come to her because he needs her help.

Darian tells her what actually happened. What the Protectorate really do. With all this new information, information that makes her whole life seem like a lie, will Desiree risk the life she has to help Dairan escape the Protectorate?

This book has so many twists. I liked the part where Rae says the government used The Terminator as an example of robots taking over the world. Because who wouldn’t believe that actually happened. Seems legit.

The amount of control the Protectorate have over their citizens is nuts. I really wanted to know why they have to control everything. Even dreams. I mean, making choices, even mistakes (which the Protectorate think are harmful) are all part of living. You can’t grow if you never make a mistake. If you never have regret. Those are part of being human.

I couldn’t believe it took someone so long to question it. But then I thought about it and if they did question it out loud, they’d be Noncompliant and go into the Terrorscape. That place sounds horrible. Especially alone.

I liked Desiree, Darian and even Asher. I had my suspicions about him being a good guy and not the same kid she remembered. Kids do grow up and change. Even when it doesn’t look like it sometimes.

I think the last book that drew me in like this and had me wanting more even while I was reading it, had me questioning everything was Divergent. I’m not comparing them. There is no comparison. They are completely different. But both Awakening and Divergent had me hooked from the first few chapters.

I cannot wait for the sequel. Even though there was a lot going on in this book it never seemed forced or fast paced. I really liked it. I also can’t wait for an actual copy of this book. I have no idea when it’ll be hitting the shelves in New Zealand but I really want this book on my shelves.

If you can find a copy of this, give it a go. It’s so worth it. The ending is a “What?! You can’t end it like that! When’s the next one coming out??” ending.

Until next time,
– Aimee

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