Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

I’ve been seeing this all over Instagram lately and have heard so many good things about it. I decided to see if my library had a copy, most of the time they don’t have what I want to read, but they did. I had to wait till whoever had it returned it but considering so many others have a 20+ people waiting list at a library I can’t complain. I only had to wait a week.

The Girl on the Train is about Rachel, who takes the same trains every day to and from London. Every day the train stops at the signal for a few minutes allowing Rachel to see into the lives of a couple she’s decided to call Jess and Jason. She’s never met them, but to her their lives are perfect. Unlike hers.

One day at the signal Rachel sees something that shocks her. She’s only there for a minute but that minute changes everything. Rachel can’t keep what she saw to herself so she tells the police and ends up entangled in what unfolds after. She’s only trying to help but has she done more harm that good?

I’m going to try and not spoil this book but I’m going to give you some backgrounds of the women in the book. This books has three points of view, Rachel, Megan and Anna.

Rachel, whose an alcoholic and still dealing with11157988_10155340837085018_1738003377_n the breakdown of her marriage, rides the trains everyday to and from London. While she’s been on the train the past two years she’s got fixated on a couple that live a few houses down from where she used to live. Rachel has never met them but she’s made up a story of their life and who they are.

12 months previously (or about that) we are with Megan. Whose struggling with life as a stay at home wife. She isn’t sleeping, gets these fantasies to run away. So her husband, Scott, suggests she goes to a therapist. That’s where she starts to tell what happened to her after her brother died.

Then there’s Anna. Tom’s new wife. The one that he had an affair with and cheated on Rachel. She’s now living in Rachel’s old house with Tom and their daughter Evie. She’s paranoid and a complete nutcase. She thinks highly of herself considering she’s the one that had an affair with a married man, not Rachel. Yes, Rachel has problems but there are reasons behind them. What reason did Anna have to knowingly sleep with a married man over and over.

I really didn’t like Anna. She’s thinks she’s the wronged woman when Rachel calls Tom, upset, drunk and babbling, like Rachel has no right to even talk to him. Or, for gods sake, walk down the street they live on. Like Anna owns the street. Like she has any right to say Rachel can stay away from the area. She drove me nuts.

I knew who Megan was having an affair with from the moment she said ‘he drove past me and we saw each other’ or something like that. I thought it was obvious who it was. But getting from that to finding out who killed her.. That was harder. Although when Rachel’s memory started to come back and she thought she saw Anna with Tom I clicked.

When Anna thought Tom was seeing Rachel behind her back. Like he wouldn’t cheat on her because he chose her or whatever. As the saying goes, if he did it with you, he’ll do it to you. How deluded must she have been to think that he wouldn’t cheat on her after they got together through an affair. Stupid woman. She really drove me mental.

Even at the end, I didn’t know whose side she was on. I thought if she stayed with him and didn’t help she’d be worse than stupid. She’d be a horrible mother too.

There isn’t a happily ever after in this book. I think the ending is as human as it can get. No automatic cure for Rachel. Not even a mention of what Anna and Scott were doing. Although, can’t say I was actually bothered about them anyway. They were stupid people and I don’t care about stupid people. And obviously, I hate cheaters. So I could never like Tom, Anna and Megan. Scott was controlling and psycho so ugh, no. Rachel was an alcoholic but I get why she drank. And I get that she’ll always hate herself for it now.

Anyway, this was such a good book! I hope I haven’t spoiled it for anyone. I really tried not to but I did have to get a few things off my chest. I gave it four stars on Goodreads. I think it was better than Gone Girl and I thought that was good. I couldn’t give it five stars because there were so many characters that drove me crazy. Probably most of them at one point and Anna just pushed me over the edge.

Have you read The Girl on the Train? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments 🙂

– Aimee

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