May Book Haul.

11351921_10155511740445018_2065331110_nI think I went a little book crazy this month. I don’t normally buy this much in a month so I really doubt it’ll happen again.

11124024_10155511778495018_1964558546_nThe first book I got this month was Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. I found it in a second-hand bookstore for $10 and when I got home I looked for Through the Zombie Glass on Book Depository and saw that it was $12 for the hardback and I couldn’t miss that deal so I got that too. I’ve read them both and loved them. My review for Alice in Zombieland is on my blog and I’ll be reviewing Through the Zombie Glass soon. I’m currently reading The Queen of Zombie Glass now but it’s a library book. I really want to get a copy of my own though one day.

When I went shopping one day I saw the Throne of Glass series in a set (minus The 11292937_10155511779830018_1451919846_nAssassin’s Blade) for $36 or you could get them individually for $20 each. That doesn’t even make sense to me but I couldn’t pass up on them. I have read them all before and they are so freaking good. But they were all from the library and now I have my own copies. I can’t wait for the next one to come out but I’m a little scared too. I don’t want them to end.

I have the Assassin’s Blade already. I think I got that in a sale. Buy one and get one half price. Stupid book sales sucking me in. Every time.

11348942_10155511775770018_770102991_nI also got A Court of Thorns and Roses the same day. I was kind of surprised to see it on the shelf because it had only come out a few days before and normally it takes a few weeks before I see them over here. Which is why I love Book Depository.

I haven’t read this yet but I am really looking forward to it. I keep seeing really good things about it and I’m dying to dive into it but I’ve had too many library books, still do. Hopefully I’ll get through them soon.

I saw this on the shelf and as it was the last one I couldn’t resist. Three books for $18 was11280314_10155511767890018_72561570_n too tempting. I haven’t read any of them, the size of the book it kind of putting me offย but I think I’ll just read one of them and then something else. Then come back to it. I don’t normally read books in a series/trilogy back to back unless they completely hold my attention. Like the White Rabbit Chronicles have. I’m not sure about these yet but I have been wanting to read them for a few years. I’ve just never seen them in a shop before now.

Plus, it’s a really pretty cover. I love all the butterflies.


I don’t know why I got this book. I’ve read Ally’s Matched trilogy and didn’t really like it. Actually, it was kind of boring and predictable.

So I’ve no idea why I picked this one up. I really hope it’s better than her other books but from what I’ve been told I not sure about that.

I don’t know much about it other than it might be set under the sea. I could be wrong though. Probably am.
11348764_10155466448440018_1032745745_nLast week I went to a book fair in my town and I only found two books. There were a lot of really old books that weren’t in the best condition. So these are the ones I came home with. Both for $5.

My mother said I should read Flowers in the Attic last year and this is the first time I’ve found a copy of it.

I only bought A Tiny Bit of Marvellous because it was written by Dawn French and she’s hilarious. Kind of a stupid reason to by a book but oh well. It sounds alright but I’ve never read it. I can’t even remember why it stood out

11355435_10155511759055018_177852050_nThese are the next lot of Little Black Classics that I’ve had on order. There’s one missing, I don’t know why, but when that turns up I’ll have all the ones that interested me out of the 80 that have been released.

15 doesn’t seem a lot but at $3 a book it kind of adds up and there is no way I’m getting all 80 as much as I love them in case I don’t like them and even with the ones I’ve got I’m not 100% sure that I’ll like them. We’ll just have to wait and see. At least they won’t take long to read.

Yesterday I went to another book sale held by the Red Cross. They do it once a year where I live and its huge. The last time I went I think I got one book but I never read it.

This time I got four for $20. I think my best score 11263227_10155508561605018_1491573191_nwas Dangerous Women which has a sticker on the back that I can’t get off that says it was $50 and I got it for $6. It’s in pretty good condition too but you can’t really complain for that price.

I’m glad I finally found a copy of The Queen of the Tearling. I have The Invasion of the Tearling to review and I wanted to reread this before I started The Invasion so I ordered from the library again. Now I have my own copy.

I’ve also started to get the Bloodlines series. I’ve read the books and loved them so I wanted to have my own copies. I haven’t been buying them in any order. I have The Ruby Circle and now The Golden Lily. But I have this OCD where all the books in a series have to be the same size (doesn’t work all the time) but I’m determined to have the same sizes in this series.

And then I got The 5th Wave. I haven’t read this either but I’ve heard good things and it sounds like something I’d like. Maybe. I don’t know anymore. We’ll see.


I also got Dorothy Must Die yesterday but not from the book sale. I’ve had a problem with the Google Play Books app on my tablet and I lost half the books that were on there. This was one of them.

My mother took pity on my and got this for me. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve wanted to since I heard about it last year. Hopefully I’ll get to read it soon because I ordered The Wicked Will Rise from the library, they don’t have this.
The last book I got this month arrived yesterday 11289811_10155511776745018_1871774394_nbut I ordered two weeks ago I think. It’s taken 10 days to get here so yes two weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting for The Heir to come to the bookstores over here but even though it was released the same week as A Court of Thorns and Roses I only saw it for the first time yesterday. Took long enough.

When I got home and saw this on the bench I was so happy. I love The Selection Series and even though I’ve heard mixed thoughts on this book I’m sure I’ll love it. Even if there isn’t a lot of America and Maxon in it for me. I’ll at least get to see what happened after that perfect epilogue.

So, that’s my haul for this month. Sorry it took so long to get through. I doubt you’ll be seeing this next month.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I love hearing from you.

– Aimee

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