Review: The Originals – The Rise by Julie Plec.

I requested this book on NetGalley because I love the TV show it’s based on. Apparently there are going to be three books that have untold stories about the Mikaelsons in them.

The Rise picks up nine years after Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah move to New Orleans. Each sibling has their own untold story in this book. By untold I think they mean untold in the show because even though I know some of their stories, the ones in this book haven’t made it into the show.

Elijah is trying to secure his families place in the city among the witches and werewolves. The_RiseKlaus is chasing after a girl who’s engaged to one of the leading families of the wolves. And then there’s Rebekah who has set out on a mission to secure an army but finds more than she expected.

I have no idea if these books are going to fit into the show. I haven’t really looked into the them at all.

I really doubted Klaus’s sincerity with Vivienne. I think it’s from watching him in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I just never saw him as someone like that. Like he is in this book. He just seemed so fake.

Elijah seemed the same. Always loyal, always looking at the bigger picture. I’ve loved Elijah since The Vampire Diaries and he seemed the same as he always is.

Rebekah is Rebekah. She seemed less flighty and more interested in settling down and being happy. I know she’s always wanted a family of her own with a normal human life. But seeing her almost get that in The Rise and knowing at the same time that she couldn’t have gotten it because she’s always said so in the show was really sad. Obviously the human part wasn’t an option. Rebekah is also one of my favourite Originals.

There was one thing that bugged me in this book. Rebekah kept mentioning her need of a daylight ring. I’ve never seen any of the Originals wearing or even needing them. I don’t understand the use of them in the book. I think it’s the only thing, aside from Klaus’s questionable feelings, that didn’t match the show. And I expected them to be the same, especially because they both come from Julie Plec. I was defiantly a little disappointed by that. You would think that the person who created The Originals could keep up with their vampiric (is that a word?) needs.

I liked it but it wasn’t good. I think I liked it because I love the show and Elijah and Rebekah. I have the next book, The Loss, on my tablet so I’ll review that when I get around to reading it which won’t be anytime soon from what I read in this one.

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