Review: I Was Here by Gayle Forman.

Meg and Cody used to be inseparable, best friends forever. They told each other everything. Or they used to. But how well do you ever really know someone? And what do you do when your best friend leaves you behind?

I was here picks up after Meg has killed herself. Meg chose suicide over the pain she was feeling. Cody is going through the motions, going to Meg’s memorials (there have been more than one) until Meg’s parents ask Cody to clean out Meg’s room at college.Β 11354959_10155563848335018_1355350213_n

I haven’t read a lot of books about suicide and I’ve never had a friend that’s killed themselves so I don’t know what it’s like to go through that kind of loss. The kind where the person you love chooses to leave you rather than be in pain. And it’s not the kind of pain you can see or fix with out the person wanting help. They have to choose to talk and find a way of getting through the depression. It’s not something you can force on someone.

I get it though. And I hope that if I ever do go through what Meg’s family and friends did that I’d be strong enough to see that they’re free from their pain now and not resent them for leaving.

Anyway, onto the book. I read this in one day. I just couldn’t seem to put it down. I liked Cody. I could see what she was doing, with that search, trying to blame someone else for Meg’s death so she doesn’t resent her friend for the choice she made. Especially when Cody had no warning and didn’t see it coming.

I think Cody also felt a little guilty. Meg was supposed to be her best friend and she wasn’t there for her when Meg needed her the most. Obviously, for Cody to be there for Meg, Meg would have to talk to her about what she was going through and she didn’t. I think all friendships go through the sort of thing that Meg and Cody’s did. Cody was jealous that Meg was in school in the place they had both dreamed of going but Cody was stuck at home because she couldn’t afford the same college.

I liked this book. It’s not the best book I’ve ever read but it was still good. It made me think about a lot of things. Things that I’ve never really had to think about. About suicide and what it does to the people left behind. About the people suffering silently, behind fake smiles, while they’re in pain. I think this is a book that will stay with me for a while.

Have you read I Was Here?Β Let me know what you thought about it in the comments.

– Aimee.

2 thoughts on “Review: I Was Here by Gayle Forman.

    • I didn’t find her other books emotional, aside from If I Stay, but the others weren’t emotional for me. I did like Where She Went better than If I Stay though. Thanks for the nomination. πŸ™‚

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