Review: Legacy by Cayla Kluver.

Princess Alera’s father, the king of Hytanica, tells her she’s to marry Lord Steldor. While Alera tries her hardest to find another option. In her world, women are treated as lesser to men and Alera has to have the approval of her father, not only because he’s the head of the house (as a man) but Alera is the Crown Princess to Hytanica and her husband will be king.

Just when Alera fears she won’t find another candidate for her future husband, Narian arrives from enemy lands. Narian was raised in Cokryi, where they have different ideas on the roles women have, but was born Hytanica. The feelings Narian stirs in Alera could change everything.

When Narian’s past and a prophecy that could ruin all their lives are revealed to her, Alera has no idea what to believe or who she can trust.

I read Legacy last year but couldn’t remember much about it. I have finally got the rest of the trilogy on my tablet so I decided to reread Legacy before getting into the next one.

I have oneΒ big problem with the world in Legacy. The fact that women in Hytanica are seen as lesser to men. They are there to get married, have kids, run the household and obey their father/husbands. They’re seen as property rather than an actual person.

Even though Alera is the Crown Princess and the heir, as a woman she can’t inherit the throne so her husband is the ruler and her father chooses her she’ll marry and the future king. Whether Alera can stand him or not. And then, her husband basically owns her. It’s horrible. I know it used to happen and still does in some countries but I still think it’s disgusting.

11269609_10155616659440018_1747089180_nI hate the ultimatum Alera’s father gave her. Aside from the women are lesser than man crap, wouldn’t you want your daughter happy? To love the person she’s marrying? Especially as Alera’s marriage will always be in the public eye. The fact that he wanted Alera married off to a guy she couldn’t stand rather than rule through another war seemed really selfish to me.

I found the book boring in places. I think this has a lot to do with Alera being left out of decisions and the ‘action’ because of her sex. Being in her POV we’re left waiting with her for news from guards like London and Destari. Instead, we’re treated to great detail about dresses, decorations and the way certain people smell. Which I could care less about.

I did not like Steldor once though this book. The fact that he sees himself as the perfect man and has no clue why Alera would object to him courting her was beyond annoying. The lengths he went to try to get her jealous was pathetic. I also hate how he forces himself on her physically, kissing her and draping his arm around her like she’s a possession.

Alera came across as weak to me at times. The fact that she rarely vocalizes her objections over Steldor to both her father and Steldor himself drove me nuts. The one time she actually got her point through his over inflated ego I felt like cheering for her.

I wish Narian was in the story more. I couldn’t quite figure him out and then he was just gone. I hope he’s in Allegiance more. I really want to know if his feelings for Alera were real

Even thought I want to pick up the next book now, I have a pile of library books to read first.

Have you read these books? Do they get better? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

– Aimee.

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