Review: Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer.

Oliver was once a prince in a fairy tale until he met Delilah and she found a way to set him free. It all seems so perfect. But when is real life ever perfect?

To leave the book he lived in, Oliver had to trade places with someone from Delilah’s world. Edgar volunteered to play the hero in the book. Just when everything seemed to be falling into place, life decides to get in the way.

Can everyone get their happy ending?

I saw this in the library and decided to borrow it before I got my own copy. I’m not the biggest fan of Between the Lines but I love Jodi’s books so I’ll get a copy of Off the Page one day. Can’t have one and not the other.

11787270_10155761594245018_1820212074_nIt was interesting seeing Oliver in Delilah’s world. Learning about computers, high school and how to use a washing machine.

I don’t know how Delilah thought it could work out between her and Oliver, he used to be a fictional character and in her world bleeds ink. I know the whole thing is fictional but how could that ever work?

I liked what Edgar did for his mother. Making that kind of sacrifice can’t be easy. Especially when the person you’re doing it for doesn’t believe a word you’re telling them.

People fell for each other very fast in these books. Meet a guy one day and the next he’s Prince Charming? I don’t think so. Especially in high school. Not all high school relationships work, and that’s when the guy bleeds actual blood and you meet in a normal way.

I think the problem I have with these books is the target audience is too young for me. I mean, Harry Potter was elevenΒ in the first book but this is different. I think these are aimed for thirteen year old girls who still want Prince Charming to turn up and fall head over heels for them. I’m not sure I ever wanted that and I could care less now. So, although I love Jodi’s other work, I don’t think I’ll be reading these again.

I do like the illustrations though. I wish there was more of the other characters and not always Oliver and Edgar. Although, there was one thing I did pick up on in this book that didn’t go with the illustrations. Edgar changed the story when he went into the book and that’s clear with the first picture of him, Frump and Seraphima. But after that, he’d show up in the pictures in a tunic and vest when in the writing he’d be in a spacesuit. So that didn’t really work.

So I think if you’re a young girl and still have hope for ‘true love’ then you’ll like this. But it’s just not for me.

– Aimee.

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