Review: Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher.

Title – Ketchup Clouds
Author – Annabel Pitcher
Publication Date – November 2012 by Orion
ISBN – 9781409141976

Zoe has a secret. A dark and terrible secret she can’t tell anyone. Not her family or friends. One day a nun comes to her school to talk to her class about capital punishment in America. When Zoe gets home she Googles people on death row and finds a man in Texas whose looking for a pen pal.

Realising they have something in common, mainly guilt, Zoe decides to write to him and tell him her story.

The book is full of the letter she sent him.

I’m not sure why I picked this book from the library. The only reason I read it was because I needed a light and easy read after rereading A Clash of Kings (I don’t know if I’m going to review that on here). Not sure I got a light read but it was definitely an easy one.

I liked how this book was set out in letters. Each letter showed what Zoe was going 11088150through in the present and most of them had a glimpse into the secret she’s been keeping.

I can’t say much about this book without giving away the ending but I will say that I think Zoe screwed up. Not in the way she thinks but with Max and Aaron. I think if she felt more for one guy, which is clear from the start, even if she did think he had a girlfriend, being with the other when you don’t feel the same way he does, was a horrible thing to do. I’m not saying go after a guy that has a girlfriend but leading someone on and then cheating on them is such a stupid, mean thing to do. I hate girls who do that. So I didn’t like Zoe much.

Zoe’s mother was an annoying control freak. If I was her husband and she said that kind of stuff to me about getting a job when she refused to get one herself because “the girls needed her” I’d have left. All three children were in school from 9am to 3pm and the most, they didn’t need her at all. And on top of that it sounded like she was pushing Zoe into a career as a lawyer when if she’d paid any attention to her daughter at all she would have known that isn’t what she wanted at all.

I think Aaron did a good thing at the end of the book. I’ve already said what I thought about Zoe so I’m going to try to give my opinion on Aaron without giving much away. I get why Aaron did what he did but at the same time, no. It’s a bad thing to do to a friend let alone family. You don’t do that behind your brother’s back. I really don’t like cheaters and he knew how his brother felt so to go and do it anyway is a real douchey thing to do. Especially when you can clearly see what their father cheating on their mother did to him. What he’s still going through. If you don’t like your father for being a cheater why would you do the same thing? What Zoe did was wrong, but what Aaron did was worse. To me anyway.

All the guilt over the secret, I get. But even though the actions leading up to it was their fault and a huge betrayal, the rest was an accident. I’m not sure what would happen if they told the truth but I couldn’t live with that.

This isn’t the best book. The main characters a not very likable and I think that has a lot to do with me not really liking the book.

Have you read Ketchup Clouds? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

– Aimee.

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