Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King.

Title – Finders Keepers
Author – Stephen King
Publication Date – June 2015 by Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN – 9781473698987

1978 – Morris Bellamy is so obsessed with John Rothstein and the fiction character he created, Jimmy Gold, that he’s prepared to kill to get his hands on the notebooks Rothstein has written that contain at least one more Jimmy Gold novel.

2004 – While Morris is serving time in prison, Pete Saubers, whose father was seriously injured when a Mercedes drove into a crowd of people at a job fair, finds a trunk that been buried near his home that has stolen money and notebooks. Pete realises he may have found a way to save his family. If he can keep it a secret.

2014 – Morris is up for parole again and is determined to retrieve what he sees as his property. Retired detective Bill Hodges has been asked to look into the money. With the help of Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson, Hodges must find a way to save Pete from Morris.

This is the second book in a trilogy. The first is Mr Mercedes which I read earlier this year.

I haven’t read many Stephen King books but I do like these two. They aren’t scary, none of his books have scared me, but there is something weird going on in this book. I’m not exactly sure what it is but I’m looking forward to reading the next one and finding out.

Morris was completely insane. He thought Rothstein sold out in his last Jimmy Gold book 11846218_10155809791460018_1175085178_nand somehow owed Morris the notebooks. I’m not sure how that works but he was a killer who was prepared to do anything to get those notebooks back. He saw them as his property, never mind that he stole them in the first place, and felt wronged when they weren’t where he left them.

When Pete found the trunk all he cared about was the money, how it could keep his family together and stop the arguing. Over the years, Pete read every notebook. He was also a fan on Rothstein’s but not as obsessed as Morris. When he gets desperate for more money, to help his sister go to the private school she’s dying to attend, he makes a plan to sell some of the notebooks but it backfires badly and had Morris hunting for him.

I love the teamwork between Hodges, Holly and Jerome. They make an unlikely team but somehow it all works. Holly is still recovering from her upbringing and Hodges and Jerome are helping her all they can. Jerome is now in college but still likes being part of Finders Keepers, the company Hodges set up. And Hodges still has unfinished business with Brady Hartsfield. The man who drove the Mercedes into all those people and killed so many. No one really understands why Hodges keeps visiting him.

The thing with Brady at the end of the book is the one thing I don’t understand yet. I hope all will be explained in the next book.

Have you read these books? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

– Aimee.


4 thoughts on “Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King.

    • I like more weird books too, ones that make me think. I haven’t read any of his ‘scary’ books but I have read these two, Duma Key, Lisey’s Story and Pet Sematary. None of them were scary and Pet Sematary was the worst, that book was just really stupid.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think Duma Key was really scary somehow hahahaha or at least there was good suspense until it was just hmm sand demons o.O But I guess they maybe don’t get that much scarier. I think Hearts in Atlantis is kind of also more to the weird direction


      • Haha, yeah the sand demons were a bit weird and meh. The one I think might scare me is It because killer clown but my library doesn’t have it.


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