Review: Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler.

Title – Why We Broke Up
Author – Daniel Handler
Illustrator – Maria Kalman
Publication Date – 27th 2011 by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN – 9780316199018

Sixteen-year-old Min is writing a break up letter to her ex-boyfriend Ed that goes with the box full of the things Min kept from their time together. The letter tells the story of how each item came to be in the box and how they all predicted the end of their short-lived relationship.

I got a copy of this from the library. I’d seen it around online but hadn’t really heard much about it. I’ve read a few books with illustrations in them and liked those so I decided to give this one a chance.

Min and Ed are in high school and their relationship got serious really fast. I remember the boyfriends I had in high school, around Min’s age, and things never moved that fast for me. I felt like, with how fast their relationship progressed, that Min was setting herself up for a fall.

The way Min started ditching her friends after school to set and watch Ed’s basketball 12049018_10155974820550018_2003210098_npractice, when she was bored out of her mind, was so stupid. And the reason she kept giving for suffering through it, “because he’s my boyfriend,” was ridiculous. I mean, it’s just practice not the actual game. There was no reason to ditch her friends everyday after school for that. I just don’t understand why people ditch their friends when they’re in a relationship.

I also had a problem with Ed’s sister. Who I can’t remember the name of. When it all came out at the end, the reason Min and Ed broke up, I figured his sister knew what was happening the whole time. I get being loyal to family but no way would I stay quiet if I saw that happening. What a total bitch. I just can’t forgive someone who lets something like that go on behind someones back.

This book was really long for a relationship that lasted all of three weeks. I think. I just wanted to know why Min and Ed broke up. I probably should’ve just stopped reading it when I got bored and skipped to the end to see what the reason was. Min kept talking about movies I’d never heard of and I started getting annoyed with it. But I did finish it. I’ll never read it again or even recommend it to anyone.

I gave this book two stars on Goodreads. I guess that shows how much I enjoyed reading about Min and Ed.

If you’ve read this leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it.

– Aimee.

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