Review: Stray by Rachael Craw.

Title – Stray
Author – Rachael Craw
Publication Date – September 1st 2015 by Walker Books Australia
ISBN – 9781922179630

Evie is a Shield – her DNA has changed her into a person that can easily kill a man to protect those known as Sparks – and the Affinity Project have come for her.

But Evie doesn’t want to lose her free will, giving the sinister orginisation control of her life, body and mind. She’s not ready to follow their rules, especially when they choose who can live and who has to die – even when it means killing innocent people.

Evie has one option that will risk her losing everything and everyone – including Jamie – and run.

I was sent a copy of Stray by Walker Books Australia. I really, really liked Spark but Stray was so freaking good! I couldn’t put it down. When I saw how fast I was getting through it I wanted to slow down because the next book, Shield, isn’t out till next year but I just couldn’t stop.

The Affinity Project seem a bit much, there are some really abusive things they do to keep 12071579_10155997177595018_494044042_ntheir “assets” in line. But at the same time I can see why an orginisation is needed to help the kinds whose mutated DNA has them getting stronger and not knowing why. But the Affinity Project has an evil side to it.

Evie made some tough choices in Stray, choices she’ll carry with her. I think things may have had a different ending if Miriam had been honest with Evie. But because of the controlling Affinity Project she couldn’t.

There’s one point, near the end of the book, where I thought Evie was going to get the outcome she had fought so hard for, after I’d already thought it was the end and had a bit of a cry (I’m trying so hard not to spoil anything so if I’m not making sense, I’m sorry) and then the next page all hell broke loose and I was so confused and angry.

The way the Proxy was raised was horrible. Sacrificing a child so your orginisation can have power over others, especially in ReProg (that name reminded me of what happened to Sydney in Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead) is so twisted and evil. So it’s no wonder the Proxy was twisted too. The things she did were disgusting (Jamie) and horrible. I don’t know if what she told Evie was true but I can see Affinity doing it.

I had my suspicions about Miriam and Ethan. It was an interesting twist to find out what happens when Synergists (fingers crossed I spelt that right) have children. I’m excited to see what that means for Evie in Shield and what Affinity plan on doing with Evie and Jamie.

I tried to explain what Spark and Stray were about to a librarian at my local library and I don’t think I did the books justice. They’re not like anything I’ve read before and I love that. I read a lot of the same types of books so to have been recommended and sent these books to review was pretty great. I’m hoping the library will get copies of the books but they are pretty useless, buying sequels and not the first books…

I loved Stray and cannot wait to get my hands on Shield when it comes out next year. I can’t recommend these books enough, please give them a chance and read them 🙂

If you have read them leave me a comment and let me know what you though.

– Aimee.


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