Top Ten Tuesday (October 13th): Top Ten OCD Bookish Habits.


I’m really enjoying the Top Ten Tuesday’s that The Broke and Bookish come up with. I might not always do the same ones they do (on the same days) but I have some catching up to do.

I decided to do something different from today’s Top Ten Tuesday because I don’t really think about writing duos.

1. Books in a series have to be the same size.
I really hate looking at my shelves and seeing a series with books different sizes. The Mortal Instruments kills me because I got the first three books in a box set and they are smaller than the other three and The Infernal Devices. I think they’re from a different publisher too.

2. I have to use bookmarks, not bending the corners.
There is no way I can bend the corner of a page to let me know where I am in the book. I always have a bookmark. I think that having bent corners ruins the books.

3. I have rules when/if I lend out my books.
So a few years ago I let my friend borrow two of my books and I never saw them again. Now, I have rules. They come back in the condition that I gave them to you in or you replace them. If you can’t agree to that then you can’t borrow them. I also had a friend that borrowed a book and bent the spine.. I could have killed her.

4. I can’t stop reading until I’m at the end of a chapter.
I’ve never been able to just put the book down and walk away or go to sleep until I’m at the end of a chapter. It sucks when the book you’re reading doesn’t have chapters.

5. I have to finish a book once I’ve started it.
I think this is the worst one. Especially when I think the book sucks, like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, I have to finish it. Even when it’s painful and a waste of my time.

6. I have to be 100 pages into a book before I’m “officially” reading it.
I don’t know where this started but it’s been happening for years now.

7. Books in a series have to be in the same format – hardback or paperback.
This is like being the same size. It drives me insane seeing a series on a shelf with both hardbacks and paperbacks. I haven’t done this, it’s one thing I refuse to do. Even if I have to wait months for a book to come out in paperback.

8. I hate reading on my Kindle app because I don’t get page numbers.
This really does my head in. I hate having a percentage and not a page number. I’ve no clue how people reference books from a Kindle when you don’t have the page number. It’s just a really stupid this for me.

That’s all I could come up with. I thought I had more OCD habits with my books but apparently not. Unless I’m forgetting some.

What are you OCD bookish habits? Leave me a comment and let me know.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (October 13th): Top Ten OCD Bookish Habits.

  1. I relate to these habits so much! I too hate when books are not the same size and format, it irks me so much. I don’t lend my books out because they always come back ruined and I spend way to much to have someone else destroy them. Great list!


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