Review: The Woman in Black and other Ghost Stories by Susan Hill.

Title – The Woman in Black and other Ghost Stories
Author – Susan Hill
Publication Date – September 24th 2015 by Profile Books
ISBN – 9781781255520

The Woman in Black and other Ghost Stories has five short stories by Susan Hill in one edition for the first time.

I received a copy of this to review from Allen and Unwin New Zealand. I think I requested it through their website a few months ago because I’d seen the movie adaptation of The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe and wanted to read the original story.

I think I’m going to write about the stories one at a time and then give my opinion on the book.

From what I can remember of The Woman in Black movie they changed it from the story. I think I remember Daniel’s character at a train station at the end? I’m not sure. But that didn’t happen in the book. The story was okay. I think my problem was I was judging it against the movie, which is why I try to read the book first. This ghost story wasn’t scary but I did enjoy reading it.

The second story in the book is called Dolly. I’m not sure if I liked this one or not, it was 12167920_10156031693245018_1468252055_nreally weird. There are two dolls that have some kind of ‘power,’ I don’t know, that affect children.. I don’t know if the aunt had something to do with it but the story was pretty out there. For me this story seemed to drag on and on, especially when the guy went travelling after the will was read.

The Man in the Picture is the third book. I didn’t get very far into this one, I think about 30 pages (and I was forcing myself to read them) before I just had to stop. This one is told in two different points of view and there was no helpful clue when you went from one character’s ‘voice’ to the next so I got really confused. In most books there are obvious sign when a chapter changes ‘voices’ either with names at the top of the page or different fonts, or both.

By the time I got the third story I was forcing myself to keep reading, which is never a good. The last day I only read 20 pages and it put me into a horrible reading slump. I feel really bad for not finishing the book, especially because I requested it. I hate forcing myself to read a book if I’m not enjoying it.

I might try again one day though. But not this year.

Have you read any of the stories in this book? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought.

– Aimee.


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