Review: The White Rose by Amy Ewing.

Title – The White Rose
Author – Amy Ewing
Publication Date – October 1st 2015 by Walker Books
ISBN – 9781406347586

Violet, Raven and Ash have escaped The Jewel, but nowhere will be safe for them until the royalty is destroyed. To help take them all down, Violet, Raven and Ash have joined The Society of the Black Key.

If Violet can reach The White Rose, she may have the chance to save more surrogates. But for the one surrogate Violet would do anything for, her best friend, it’s already too late – Raven is pregnant and that is a death sentence.

I requested a copy of The White Rose to review from Walker Books Australia and New Zealand. I read and reviewed The Jewel at the end of October.

I thought The Jewel was addictive but I couldn’t put The White Rose down. I ended up finishing it in one day. I tried to make it last longer but I couldn’t do it.

I really liked learning about the Augeries and how The Lone City came to be. I have to say 12177922_10156066985995018_1596362181_nthat I think these royals deserve what’s coming to them if they all treat people the way that’s described in the book. Especially the Duchess of the Lake and the Countess of the Stone. I understand why no one has rebelled against them before now.

I think my favourite part of this book was reading how Garnet change from the boy in The Jewel. I’m looking forward to seeing if anything happens between him and Raven. I think they’re hilarious together.

I’m not 100% sure about Ash. I don’t like how he lashed out at Violet, although I get why he’d be frustrated. There’s no need to take it out on her though. The story about his ‘education’ and ‘training’ was horrible to read. Not only what the boys have to do but all those kidnapped girls! That place needs to burn to the ground. I don’t understand why the companions are overlooked as allies when they’re the one who’d have inside information on the royals.

And another cliffhanger at the end of the book. This one is definitely a bigger one than the gem at the end of The Jewel. That was surprising but in a good way, this one not so much. I cannot wait for the next book!

Have you read these books? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of them.

– Aimee.

6 thoughts on “Review: The White Rose by Amy Ewing.

  1. I saw the first book in the book shop and fell in love with the cover! Sounds like an awesome fast-paced story, which I like to balance with my more slower, ‘serious’ books. Plus, I love addictive books. 🙂 I think I might pick this up next time in the library!

    Did you like this better than The Jewel?


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