Review: Close to the Wind by Jon Walter.

Title – Close to the Wind
Author – Jon Walter
Publication Date – July 3rd 2014 by David Fickling Books
ISBN – 9780857551405
My Rating – ★★★/5

The Samaritan is the last ship leaving this war-torn country and it only has a few places left. If you don’t have the money for a ticket, then knowing the right people may give you a chance to get one of those last places.

Malik’s grandfather makes a deal for one of those last places on the ship, but will this bring them the escape they need or take them into more danger?

I received a copy of Close to the Wind from Scholastic New Zealand in exchange for an honest review. I wasn’t expecting anything from them so when this and two other books were delivered I was surprised but excited to read them.

I only had one problem with Close to the Wind and it has nothing to do IMG_20151122_133927with the writing or the story. The book doesn’t have any chapters. I normally leave the book at the end of a chapter at night (part of my bookish OCDs) but there are little compasses throughout the book to leave breaks in the story. If they didn’t have them I wouldn’t know where to leave it.

The story reminded me of Tomorrow When the War Began. An unknown country is under attack by unknown people. The survivors who can get passage on the ships are being taken to another country, also unknown. However, there are a few hints with the names of the characters to what part of the world the book might be set in. I’m not going to give it away though.
Close to the Wind follows Malik on his journey from an abandoned street with his grandfather, trying to find a way onto the ship that could take them both to a new life. At the start, Malik trusts everything his grandfather tells him but as the story goes on Malik starts to think for himself. I think he’s ten so I think it’s something most children do, trusting the adults around them.

There are a few twists in this book that I saw coming but that didn’t make me like the book any less. It’s a really good book and I love how you’re not 100% sure on where the book is set or the backstory to the war. Being set in Malik’s perspective for most of the book, it makes sense that he wouldn’t know a lot of what was going on around him because of his age. I enjoyed Close to the Wind. It was a really fast read and had a few funny  moments hidden in it.

– Aimee


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