Review: Cool Nukes by Des Hunt.

Title – Cool Nukes
Author – Des Hunt
Publication Date – 2015 by Scholastic
ISBN – 9781775433422
My Rating – ★★★/5

After a lab explosion and the disappearance of Professor Walter Mayhew, Max, Jensen and Cleo receive mysterious packages from someone calling themselves ‘Cool Nukes’ with instructions to build a nuclear device that could change the world’s energy problems.

Max, Jensen and Cleo are trying to get the device built for the ExpoFest science fair. If they succeed, their machine could change the way people use fuel and would be worth a fortune – but are they willing to risk a life?

I received a copy of Cool Nukes from Scholastic New Zealand in exchange for an honest review. I’ve never read a book set in New Zealand before even though I live here. It was great to be able to picture the place mentioned in the book because I’d been there, not just seen it on TV shows or movies.

I’m not really into science but this book never bored me. I didn’t large_9781775433422understand some of the science but most of it was explained. I can’t believe how much happened in this book, and the lengths people would go to to gain control and power.

I have heard of cold fusion before but never knew what it was until now. Science wasn’t my favourite subject at school. Now that I know what it is, because it’s explained pretty well in this book, and why some crazy professor wanted to claim this invention as his own.

I did see the part with Max’s dream coming happening when he was attacked at the university. The ending, what Max, Jensen and Cleo did with the Newclex was perfect. I really liked that they didn’t just let the adults push them aside.

I really enjoyed Cool Nukes and couldn’t put it down. There was so much going on that I needed to know what happened. I can’t really go into details with out giving the whole thing away so if you’re into science, gangs and evil scientists then you should check this out.

– Aimee.

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