Review: Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine.

Title – Ink and Bone
Author – Rachel Caine
Publication Date – July 7th 2015 by Allison & Busby
ISBN – 9780749017224
RRP – $18.99
My Rating – ★★★★/5

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In a world where the Great Library of Alexandria still stands knowledge rules, freely available but controlled and owning your own books is a crime.

Jess Brightwell’s father is a book smuggler. His father has sent him to the Library to gain a position as a Scholar. As he starts to make friends and thinking he may have found his place in the world, he starts uncovering horrible secrets behind the most revered institution in the world.

The people who run the Great Library believe that knowledge comes before human life and soon not only books will be burning.

I received a copy of Ink and Bone from Allen and Unwin New Zealand to review. This is the first book in The Great Library series. The second book, Paper and Fire, comes out next year. I’ve never read a book by Rachel Caine before but I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

I’ve never really been interested in Egyptian history. The only books I’ve IMG_20151218_110751ever read set in Egypt (before this one) are The Kane Chronicles and I didn’t like them very much. I’d never heard of the Great Library of Alexandria before I read Ink and Bone. I’m glad I had a little understanding of the Egyptian gods though.

I really enjoyed Ink and Bone. It took me awhile to understand the world though. But I blame myself for that, I didn’t read the synopsis for a few months and completely forgot what it was about. It didn’t take long it figure it out and then I was hooked.

There are secret battle going on inside the Library, where certain things are covered up and people disappear as well as all their work. The Library has control over books and how people can view them. I want to know why they’re so against change, whether it’s just because they’d lose control of everything or fear of change. I think it’s a control/power thing but I can’t be sure.

There are also wars going on, like the one between Oxford and Wales, that wasn’t explained (that I can remember) so that was annoying. I hope more is explained in the next book.

Without giving anything away, I’m just going to give some advice – don’t get attached to anyone. From what happened in Ink and Bone I can’t imagine what will happen in Paper and Fire. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jess and Morgan will do next.

Have you read Ink and Bone? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

– Aimee.


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