Shadowhunters TV show rant.

Okay I needed a place to vent about the Shadowhunters TV show and I figured what better place than my blog? Where I can write more than 140 characters. If you haven’t read all of The Mortal Instrument s series and are just watching the TV show then stop reading here because there will probably be spoilers for you. Or stop reading if you haven’t finished TMI series yet.

I’ve only seen three episode and I zoned out of two of them because I was kind of bored. I did like the first episode so I don’t know what changed from that one to the second but I just kept missing parts. I figured I’d read the books, it wasn’t like I’d missed much.

But the acting is so cringe worthy at times and the writing doesn’t help. Some of the lines are so bad. When Clary was under some kind of vamp spell or whatever and trying to be all sexy it just made me cringe. Her voice! Ugh.

And then there’s Jace… I have to admit that Domonic is a better Jace for me on some ways but it’s like he’s missing the biggest part of what makes Jace, Jace and that’s his sarcasm and sense of humor. They’re missing. He’s not funny or sarcastic at all. And he’s less cocky too. It’s like they’ve taken his Herondale gene (see spoilers) and replaced it with something else. Jace and Will are so much alike in the books but now I can’t see it.

I think the only character that’s the same as the books is Simon. I don’t know if it’s because the actor read all the books or he’s just connected with his character the way the others haven’t but he pretty much has Simon nailed. He’s just as annoying in the show as he is in the books.

As for Izzy, I don’t remember her being as slutty and accepting of Clary in the books as she is in the show. Yes, she dressed in clingy/revealing clothes but she would not turn up to a vampire nest in tight dress and not in her gear. She’s a shadowhunter, not a hooker. And I don’t think she ever used sex to get information out of someone. If she did, it wasn’t mentioned or I can’t remember. I do remember that she didn’t just accept Clary and make her feel welcome, she doesn’t trust easy so it was kind of expected.

I don’t know if I want to keep watching. I don’t want the show to ruin the characters and books for me because I love the books. I don’t know if I can sit through more of these cringe worthy episodes waiting for it to get better…

Okay, I think the rant is over. For now. If I do continue watching there may be another post. Who knows, I may just decide to give it up and watch shows with actors that don’t over act and a script that’s not so cheesy.

Anyway, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the show so far.

– Aimee.


14 thoughts on “Shadowhunters TV show rant.

  1. It’s a horrible show!! I loved the books but the show is so boring…Casting is horrible! The actors and actresses are not too good. Clary looks how I imagined her to look but maybe I wanted her to be a bit darker, a bit more serious (maybe a bit more like in movie version). And she appears so shallow somehow. Guys… I wanted to have serious crushes on them but they’re really really really not my type at all…they could have found older actors.

    Otherwise points for visual effects and all but it won’t save this show.

    I’ve been watching Shannara Chronicles recently and that’s so good show! It does justice to the books šŸ™‚

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    • The show is really boring and I totally agree about the casting.
      I wonder if anyone on the show actually read the books or just saw the movie. If they did they aren’t using them as references for the characters.
      I haven’t read the books Shannara Chronicles are based on so I haven’t seen the show yet. I’ve heard it’s good though.

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      • I wish someone had read the books! Clearly they haven’t o.O oh and then there’s a show called magicians which is based on lev grossmans books. They seem to have some thing to make series based on books… : D


  2. Jersey says:

    I liked the pilot and I feel the characters are coming into their own with each episode. I think Clary over acts a little, Dom is more and more like the Jace from the books with each week. Now that I have seen four episodes he is getting closer every week. Alec is on point. Izzy ,well she’s the hardest for me to get used to. I don’t feel they are giving her enough to do or lines worthy of her character at all. Last week we really got a taste of Harry Shum Jr as Magnus and he is AMAZING! Malec is alive on well on Shadowhunters that’s is for sure. I hope that all the TMI fans continue to watch the show for at least the thirteen episodes they made for us. I for one want it to stay on the air and get renewed so we can see all the awesome things that come next. Does it follow the books, no it doesn’t, but there is enough of what we all fell in love with in the first place to keep us watching. So I beg of you all of you on the fence, please keep watching so we can get a second season.


    • I don’t have a problem with all the changes, I get some of them.
      I don’t agree with you on the actors and their acting though. Alec annoys me, he over acts too much. Same with Izzy.
      I think the best one so far (I haven’t seen much of Harry as Magnus) is the guy playing Valentine. He’s such a good villain and was the same in Reign.
      As I live in New Zealand my watching the show won’t make any difference to it being renewed for a second season. I’m still debating on watching the fourth episode or not and at the moment I’m going with not. I just don’t think I can put up with the acting and cringe worthy lines anymore. Plus, they’re ruining some of the characters and I don’t want to read the books and picture them.


  3. the only good thing abt the show is Simon!!! everything else is soooo out of tune! Firstly the orange hair doesnt convince me more than Jace being hunked up!!!! Why couldnt they cast the people on the movie, it was waay better… Secondly isnt Izzy supposed to be taller than Clary? They missed out on that line where Clary tries on a dress and says the “dress is too short”.. not too happy.


  4. Couldn’t agree more with that. Simon was the only one that convinced me from the casting to the acting but the rest was reallly cringe worthy. They jump kinda randomly from scene to scene which makes it even worse….not to speak from the non existing character development. No matter if you read the books or not it is really hard that way to connect with any of the characters emotionally.

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