101 Pieces of Me by Veronica Bennett.

Title – 101 Pieces of Me
Author – Veronica Bennett
Publication Date – October 1st 2015 by Walker Books Ltd
ISBN – 9781406354430
My Rating – ★★★/5

After a director sees a pretty girl at a May Day parade he has someone contact her to star in his upcoming moving picture. Overnight Sarah Freebody becomes Clara Hope and is introduced to a life of glamour and luxury. She also falls in love for the first time. But is her new life as perfect as it seems?

I received a copy of 101 Pieces of Me to review from Walker Books Australia and New Zealand.

This book started slow for me. I liked when Sarah was still in her village preparing for the May Day parade but when she became Clara and moved to London to become an actress she seemed really naive. I know she led a sheltered life in a small village but she was kind of too trusting of strangers.

When Clara witnesses someone she cares about attacking another person on set she CbTl78zUUAAYbCCdoesn’t even question why or them. She somehow still sees them as someone she could love. He’s clearly violent. I do not understand how she could still trust him. She also let his opinion of people influence her own opinions instead of getting to know them herself.

101 Pieces of Me caught my interest a little past halfway. Something happened to Clara that she didn’t see coming or understand and she turns to the only person she can, someone she never considered trustworthy. But with no other option Clara decides she has to suck up her pride and ask them for help.

After that I was interested to see what would happen to Clara. She was still naive about the real world. She’d never heard of cocaine but then she was bought up in a small village, where it was frond upon to live with someone of the opposite sex outside of marriage. She falls in love really fast too. I don’t know if it’s just me saying that or if it is Clara though.

I did end up liking 101 Pieces of Me even if it did annoy me how naive Clara was.

*Thank you Walker Books Australia and New Zealand for sending me a copy to review*

Have you read 101 Pieces of Me? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

– Aimee.

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    • Hi, no I don’t mind you asking. You email the publishers and ask them if they’d be willing to send you review copies and tell them the stats of your blog, if you have Twitter and Instagram your followers. What you like to read and link them your blog.


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