March 2016 Book Haul.

Book Haul

I didn’t get as much books this month as February but it was close. I tried not to buy any and failed. I really want to get through my TBR before I buy anymore though.

So I’ll just get straight into my March book haul.

The first book I bought for myself. I saw this last year on NetGalley last year when I still 1had time to use it and I think I requested a copy but wasn’t approved.

What sold me on Firstlife, other than the synopsis, was the quote from Sarah J. Maas on the cover. I love her books (the ones I’ve read) and she said she couldn’t put it down so I definitely wanted to give it a go.

Firstlife sounds so unique, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like it before. I haven’t managed to read it this month but I’m hoping to pick it up soon.

Plus this cover is so pretty. My photo doesn’t do it justice.

The next book I received from HarperCollins New Zealand to review. I’ve had Passenger on my TBR for months and was really excited when 2I got the opportunity to review it.

I read this the other week and for the most part I loved it but there were a few things that I didn’t like or that annoyed me. I’ll be going into it all when I post my review.

I’ll be posting my review of this next week so if you want to see what I thought of it keep an eye out ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the cover of Passenger. It’s gorgeous.

I gave the book four stars on Goodreads.


I won a giveaway last December on Instagram and the book finally turned up earlier this month.

I was so excited to win a signed copy of Winter. Now I can re-read Cress and jump straight into Winter.

I also received some Lunar Chronicles temporary tattoos. I haven’t used any yet and I’m not sure if I will.

I love The Lunar Chronicles and I’m excited to finish the series.

This is another beautiful cover and I couldn’t stop looking at it when it arrived.

The next book I received from Walker Books Australia to review. I saw this on their website and thought it sounded interesting.ย 4

I’ve already read Magrit and will be reviewing it soon. This is a junior book and it a little over 140 pages.

It is a bit weird/strange but sad too. It has some cute illustrations through the book.

Magrit is a girl living in a forgotten cemetery and one day a bundle falls out of the sky that will forever change her world.

I love how the cover is little illustrations that make up a skull.

The next three books were a surprise from HarperCollins New Zealand. I’ve already read 5and reviewed Allegiant last year and I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie.

I read Radio Silence last weekend and loved it. It’s full of diverse characters and friendship.

I’ll be posting my review soon but to give you a little hint of what I thought of it I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

The last book, Who’s That Girl by Mhairi McFarlane is an arc, the cover doesn’t actually look like this. I haven’t read it yet but I think it’s coming up on my TBR soon. It sounds really interesting so I’m looking forward to it.


I’ve slowly been buying The Lunar Chronicles ever since I won Winter last December.

I saw Scarlet for $14 on Book Depository and I couldn’t pass that up. I won a hardback of Winter so I had to get the rest of the series in hardback too. I hate having a series with both paperback and hardback.

All I need now is Cinder and I will have the complete series. Well, complete for me anyway. I don’t plan on getting Fairest because I didn’t like that when I read that last year. Not because I didn’t like Levana (obviously) but because of the things she did to her “husband.” If you want to read all of my ranting on that I did review it.

I received the next three books from Allen and Unwin New Zealand to review. So far I’ve 7read two and am currently reading the third.

I read Maestra first and I have to say if I’d done any kind of research on it I probably wouldn’t have read it. I liked the story but some parts were just too much. Too graphic. There was a “to be continued” at the end of this but I don’t think I’ll be reading the next book.

I read Follow Me Back last weekend in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a YA contemporary/thriller and it was so good!

I’ll be reviewing both Maestra and Follow Me Back soon.

I’m currently reading Dreaming the Enemy and so far it’s just okay. I have one problem with it. The author keeps using two names for his main character. It wouldn’t be that bad if he used “Johnny” in the present and his nickname “Shoey” in the flashbacks but having both names in the same paragraph is just too much. Just pick one already! But I’ll probably talk more about that in my review if it continues. It’s really distracting me from the story though.


The next three books are from Hachette New Zealand for me to review. I have only read one of these.

Cruel Crown was good, I liked it, and I’ll be talking about it more in my review so I won’t go into it here.

Book of Lies will be the fifth book I’ve read by Teri Terry. I read her Slated trilogy a few years ago and Mind Games last year and enjoyed all of them. I think I only have a review for Mind Games though. I think I’ll be reading that next.

I cant’t remember anything about Beloved Poison so hopefully I’ll like it when I read it. I don’t know if I should read the synopsis before I start the book or go into it blind.

Walker Books Australia sent me these to review. I haven’t read any yet but two of them are 9coming up on my April TBR. Hopefully I can squeeze the third on in too.

MARTians and Twenty Questions for Gloria are two more books I can’t remember much about but I thought theyย sounded good when I requestedย a copy of them to review.

I do remember a little about Hour of the Bees. It’s about a girl that has to stay at her families farm with her granddad, who has dementia, and is being followed by bees. She thinks she’s going crazy but her grandfather tells her stories and one of them is the reason why the bees follow her. Or, something like that. That was all off the top of my head.

10ย I received these three books from HarperCollins New Zealand to review.

I haven’t read any of these yet. I’ve been falling behind on my review books due to personal reasons but I hope to be able to catch up soon.

I’ve heard good things about The Yearbook Committee so I hope I’ll like it too.

I don’t know of anyone that have read Storm Siren or Curio but I think they both sound like something I’ll enjoy. Both of these are coming up on my April TBR.

I really love the cover of Storm Siren!!! It’s so pretty!

I purchased The Heart of Betrayal from Book Depository. I got the first book last year 11through their site as a gift and it’s a hardback so I had to get the sequel in hardback too.

I haven’t read Kiss of Deception yet. I want to read both of them closer to when the third book is released. I think it comes out later in the year.

I keep hearing good things about these books and I know this one ends on a cliffhanger which is why I’m waiting for the third book to come out before reading them.

So far I haven’t seen any spoilers so I hope it will stay that way.

I won this edition of The Hunger Games trilogyย from Scholastic Australia. They held a 12giveaway on their Instagram page. I already have two other editions of this trilogy but I loved these covers so I thought I’d enter. I never though I’d win because their were so many entries.

I don’t know where to put these because I’m running out of shelf space so they’re sitting on my bedside table with my current TBR.

The Mockingjay pocket watch wasn’t part of the giveaway. I bought that when I was in Sydney three years ago because it reminded me of Catching Fire (with the arena being a clock) and it’s my favourite book in the trilogy. I don’t use it though. It just sits on my bookcase with my books.

This is another sequel I thought it was about time I bought. I know the third book has been 13released but I think I’m going to wait until I get my TBR down before I buy that one.

I haven’t read this or The Winner’s Curse. I got the first book last year because it was $5 and who could pass that up but I just haven’t read it yet.

I think I’ll read both of them when I get The Winner’s Kiss and just marathon them all. I like doing that because I don’t have to wait for the next book or are left with cliffhangers.

I love the covers of these books. I have the paperback editions which have different coloured dresses on them.

I bought a copy of Nowhere But Here last weekend because it was $3. I’ve heard good 14things about this and I know the sequel is already out.ย ย I didn’t know if I wanted to read this when I first heard of it because I don’t normally read about gangs but I don’t want to judge a book because it has a gang in it.

I read the synopsis and it does kind of sound a little cheesy, girl falls for guy in her dad’s gang and blah blah but I hope it’s more than that.

Although, even if I don’t end up liking it I only paid $3 for it so I’m not going to complain about it. I’m not going to read this any time soon because my TBR is crazy, I think there are 24 books on my immediate TBR so I have to get through those first. Which is why I don’t plan on buying any books in April. But I don’t know if that will actually happen.

Scholastic New Zealand sent me these five books to review. I’ve heard good things about 15all these books so I am looking forward to reading them.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to these because I have all the review books that I’ve talked about in this post to read before these so I’m thinking probably next month. *Sigh* Tooย many books, too little time.

The Marvels will definitely be a unique read because the first story in the book is told in pictures. I’ve never read a book with one story just told in pictures. The second story, apparently unrelated to the first, is one I can read. The cover is also gorgeous.

The last books I received in March were from Hachette New Zealand. Both of these sound 16really good. I’m looking forward to them for different reasons but I think that Fellside has my interest more.

Again, I don’t know when I’ll be able to read these. I think they’re both released in April so I’ll have to squeeze them onto my TBR somehow.

What books did you get in March? Leave me a comment and let me know.

– Aimee.

6 thoughts on “March 2016 Book Haul.

    • I did get a lot. My TBR is insane at the moment.
      Passenger was good. I’m looking forward to the sequel.
      I really want to read Kiss of Deception and Heart of Betrayal but I want to wait until I have the third book first.


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