Review: The Immortal Throne by Stella Gemmell.

Title – The Immortal Throne
Author – Stella Gemmell
Series – The City #2
How I Got It – Publisher
Pages – 576 pages
Publication Date – March 24th 2016 by Bantam Press, imprint of Penguin Random House
ISBN – 9780593071496
RRP – $37.00 NZD
My Rating – ★★★★/5

After the uprising the survivors hope that Archange will be the start of a new era in the City. One of peace, stability, forgiveness and renewal. If only that were true.

The City is struggling to return to some thing like normality after the devastation of the rebellion when there’s talk of an army gathering in the north. No one know’s where it’s come from or who’s leading it but it looks like its only purpose is to destroy the City and everyone inside the walls.

Warriors are sent out to defend the City while ancient rivalries, bitter family feuds, political and personal betrayals, madness and murder surface within its walls. The City is under siege, from both inside and outside its walls.

I received a copy of The Immortal Throne from Penguin Random House New Zealand to review. This is the sequel to The City which I read and reviewed last month. You can read my review here.

This book picks up during the events of The City, just before the rebellion. This time there CjQc3Q0UYAAvTNeare new characters, some that were mentioned in the first book but now have their own
perspective, and they’re on the other side of the rebellion. After 175 pages the characters that were still alive at the end of the first book, and are still in the City, are back and I think it picks up a little over six months later.. But don’t quote me on that.

I had mixed feeling while I read about the other side of the rebellion. I still wanted the emperor dead but I found myself backing these characters as they fought to save their home. I think if I still had a copy of The City I would have compared some of the scenes but I took it back to the library a while ago.

Just like the first book, The Immortal Throne had so much going on that I had to take notes to remind myself what happened for this review. I don’t put spoilers in any of my reviews, or I try not to, but I needed to remind myself of all the twists, betrayals, and deaths (not as much death as the first book though). I like the fact that Gemmell kills off a character while we’re still reading in their perspective. There have been a handful of characters who have been telling their stories and have been randomly killed off while doing it.

I have enjoyed both books, even though they both felt like they took forever to read. They didn’t. I couldn’t put them down. I did think The Immortal Throne was better than The City but that’s probably because I was familiar with the world and some characters. I didn’t need that much of an introduction into this world like I did while I read The City.

I don’t know if they’ll be a third book. There were a few storylines left hanging which makes me think that there might be another book. And the epilogue completely confused me. I didn’t understand that at all. I’m hoping there will be another book because I want to know what happened to the characters that didn’t get an ending and just vanished before the book was finished.

*Thank you Penguin Random House for sending me a copy to review*

Have you read The City or The Immortal Throne? What did you think of them?

– Aimee.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Immortal Throne by Stella Gemmell.

  1. Nice review Aimee 😃 it’s rare that I don’t finish a book but I’ve got to say that The City was one of them. I really couldn’t get into it and tried several times. Her work on Troy: Fall of Kings was brilliant and I was hoping it would be on a similar level but it just wasn’t :/ maybe I’ll try again in the future and give it another shot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!
      I have only DNF’d one book. I did struggle with both of these books, I’m not sure why. When I was reading them I was enjoying them but after I put them down I found it hard to pick them up.
      I did like The Immortal Throne more than The City though. It didn’t take me as long to get into.

      Liked by 1 person

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