2016 Reading Challenge – June Update.


I always forget to update my monthly challenges on here. I wanted to do this at the start of the month but other posts got priority and I just forgot about it. But, not today. I didn’t cross much off my PopSugar reading challenge this month but one is better than nothing.

16. A book that’s becoming a movie this year – The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

I’m struggling to fit my review books into this challenge now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete it this year.

Onto my Goodread challenge which I completed in June. At the end of June I’d read 85 books and was halfway through the 86th.

CompleteI probably could’ve had a better goal on Goodreads this year but I didn’t think I would be able to manage 100 books. Turns out I was wrong. I am now 10 away from 100 books.

How are your reading goals going?

– Aimee.


6 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenge – June Update.

  1. I am currently 54 out 70 on my reading challenge for the year. I am feeling pretty good about that. The bouts of vertigo can slow things down 😉 I really want to get involved in a more specific challenge in 2017. I dropped the ball. I am flighty haha.

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  2. OMG Congratulations for finishing your goal! That is amazing! I set a goal of 100 books at the start of the year but I haven’t even been bothered to update my good reads. (I’m so bad:) ) I know that I have passed my half way point which is an achievment…I guess!

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