Review: The Regulars by Georgia Clark.

Title – The Regulars
Author – Georgia Clark
How I Got It – From the publisher
Pages – 400 pages
Publication Date – August 1st 2016 by Simon & Schuster Australia
ISBN – 9781471153235
RRP – $32.99 NZD
My Rating – ★★★/5

Evie, Krista and Willow are trying to make it in New York. They’re regular women with the normal problems of others their age – making it up the corporate ladder, paying the bills and surviving online dating.

Then they come across Pretty, a magic potion that turns them from ordinary or extraordinary. With just one drop, each of them receives the gift of jaw-dropping beauty for one week and gives them the opportunities to make their dreams come true.

But is there a dark side to Pretty? As the sparkle wears off for these modern-day Cinderellas, there’s only one question – what are they willing to sacrifice to be Pretty?

I received a copy of The Regulars to review from Simon and Schuster Australia.

When I picked up this to read I’d completely forgotten what it was about, except for the magic potion thing, but that happens a lot for me so I just decided to go into the book blind and have no expectations. I do like going into books blind sometimes.

I think I had a problem with each woman and it just got worse as they became addicted or relied on the Pretty more and more. Evie, Krista and Willow all had their own reasons for CqChJfsWgAA4yKctaking Pretty but as they relied on it more things in their lives seemed to get worse, not better. I’m not really sure how they thought taking this would help them at all when they weren’t physically themselves while they were making these changes. But I think in the end it did help them. Maybe not the way they expected but more in accepting themselves for who they are. But all that acceptance and character growth came too late in the book for me.

I was surprised how much Evie, Krista and Willow changed while taking Pretty. Not just physically, but their personalities changed too. They each came up with these new personas and just let them do whatever they wanted with no consequences because at the end they could just stop taking it and no one would ever know. I do wish that they learned more on the origins of Pretty and how it worked. It was left as a mystery that none of the characters seemed to want to look into at all.

I did like the overall message of self-acceptance and feminism but I don’t think it came across that well. The main characters were all awful in their own way and didn’t seem to have any lasting consequences to the things they’d done while they were taking Pretty.

I liked the idea of this book and it was a fast read but the fact that I didn’t really like any of the characters in the book meant I couldn’t really connect with the story. I wish the character growth came a little earlier in the book, not in the last couple of chapters. Even though this book wasn’t really for me I can definitely see why others would like it.

*Thank you Simon & Schuster Australia for sending me a copy to review*

If you’re read The Regulars leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

– Aimee.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Regulars by Georgia Clark.

  1. I often request books and panic a little when I get approved and I can’t remember what the story is about, haha. Too bad you could not connect with any of the characters, as it seems to be a character-driven story. Maybe if there had been a deeper exploration of the girls or the potion, it would have been better. Nice review!:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I do that all the time!
      I think that would have been better. I mean, it’s not a bad book but I’ve found that when I can’t connect with the characters then it’s hard for me to like a book.


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