Review: Shield by Rachael Craw.

Title – Shield
Series – Spark #3
Author – Rachael Craw
How I Got It – From the publisher
Pages – 429 pages
Publication Date – September 1st 2016 by Walker Books Australia
ISBN – 9781922179647
My Rating – ★★★★/5

Evie is almost out of options and she may have to back down and comply with the Affinity Project. Which would mean obeying their rules, giving Jamie up and her freedom. And that’s only the beginning.

But Evie decides to help a small group inside the Affinity Project affect change and finds herself in the firing line, again. Counsellor Knox wants to chain Evie to the Affinity Project for life. In order to protect her family, Evie has to betray the people closest to her. The odds of her succeeding, or even surviving, are pretty slim.

I received a copy of Shield from Walker Books Australia in exchange for an honest review. This is the last book in the Spark trilogy. If you want to read my reviews of the first two books, Spark and Stray, click the links.

I have loved both Spark and Stray so I was expecting to feel the same about this. I don’t usually go into books expecting to love them, even if they are part of a series, because there is a chance that I’ll be disappointed but there’s just something about these books that always draws me in and I can’t put them down. Shield was the same as the first two in that way but I wanted to make it last because I knew this was the last one.

I really couldn’t stand the rules in the Affinity Project and the way they could own Evie and her right to have or not have children. It’s just so creepy and wrong. Like Evie would be CqWPUHpVYAA6UfPsome kind of baby factory so the Affinity Project could have more power or whatever. And I’m not even going to get started on how much I hated Knox or I’d be here all day.

I can’t say anything bad about Shield. Was it everything I was expecting? No. Was it better? Yes! I was expecting to destroy the Affinity Project but I’m not sure that’s even possible because there would still be people out in the world with altered DNA. It was obvious that their way of thinking needed to be changed and the members (is that what they’re called?) be given free will to choose who they want to be with and if they want to have kids. Or if they want to be involved in the Project at all.

I wish Kitty was in the book more but I do understand why she wasn’t. I think one of my favourite things about this trilogy is her friendship with Evie, they are definitely friendship goals. I’m just glad there was a lot of Evie and Jamie time for my shipper heart!

Okay, so I might have lied a little. I did have just the one problem with Shied. Knowing that this is the last book in the trilogy the ending was a little too open for me. And by open I mean there was something left up in the air… But I’m not going to say what. I did get some of the things I was hoping for when I went into Shield so the ending wasn’t that big of a deal for me but it did leave me a little frustrated. I don’t normally like when endings are left up in the air but this was just one thing so I think I can live with it.

If you haven’t read Spark I highly recommend it. This is one of my favourite trilogies and I can’t wait to see what Rachael comes up with next!

*Thank you Walker Books Australia for sending me a copy to review*

If you’ve read the Spark trilogy let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂

– Aimee.

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