Top Ten Tuesday (October 18th): Ten Characters I’d Name A Child or Animal After.


I’m not planning on having kids but if I was I would definitely name them after fictional characters. I also have a name for cats too. But I didn’t get to name my cat.

I don’t really have characters I’d name a child or animal after because either I love the character but wouldn’t name my kid after them, like Hermione. I love Hermione but her name is way too old fashioned for me. But thenΒ I can love the name but notΒ really like the character. Or I just like the name. But there are a handful of characters I’d actually name something after.

1. Darcy.
I’ve always loved Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I think I’d name a girl Darcy.

2. Willow.
I think I got this name from Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult. Willow was a child with Osteogenesis imperfecta, which is brittle bone disease. Willow has stayed with my since I first read Handle with Care and I love the name.

3. Luna.
I love Luna from the Harry Potter series. I don’t know if I’d name a kid or a cat Luna because I think it’s a good name for both but I’d probably call a girl Luna.

4. Snow
No, this is now for a child. I’ve loved Snow White from Once Upon a Time (the TV show) from the start and I’d love to name a kid after her but I don’t think Snow would go down too well. There’s also her Storybrooke name, Mary Margaret, but that’s too old fashioned for me. I don’t like names that are too out there but I also don’t like old names.

5.Β Spencer.
All my names so far are for girls but this one can obviously be for either a girl or a boy. I love last names as first names. I think I would call a boy Spencer though. I got this name for Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds.

6. Clarke.
Yes, another girl. I’m going to have a lot of girls apparently. I think I got this from Smallville, Clark Kent, and The 100. That’s when I realised I loved Clarke for a girl.

7. Mason.
I don’t know where I got this one from. It could be here because I just like the name because no fictional Masons are coming to mind right now. This is for a boy.

8. Cadence.
I got the name Cadence from We Were Liars. I didn’t like the book or the character but I liked the name.

9. Wylie.
I don’t know why I like Wylie but I really do. The main character in The Outliers is called Wylie and I did like her. I’m not sure if I’d be naming a kid after her though because I just like the name.

10. Freya.
I’m pretty sure I got Freya from The Originals but I could be wrong. I know I heard it the other day in something I was watching but I can’t remember what.

This list was harder than I thought it would be. The problem for me is I love characters that have names I would never name a kid and can’t call an animal. Like Hermione, Astrid, Daenerys, Tryion, Merida.. The list goes on.

What are some names you’ve gotten from fictional caracters you’d name a kid or animal after? Or, if you’re like me, you just like the name.


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