Review: Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken.

Title – Wayfarer
Series – Passenger #2
Author – Alexandra Bracken
How I Got It – From the publisher
Pages – 544 pages
Publication Date – February 1st 2017 by HarperCollins
ISBN – 9781460752050
My Rating – ★★★/5

Etta Spencer had no clue that she was a traveller until one day she found herself mile and years from home. Now, Etta is stranded again, cut off from Nicholas and her natural time.

Nicholas was devastated when Etta disappeared. He enlists the help of Sophia Ironwood and a mercenary for hire to help find her. But after a deadly mistake stops their search, they discover an ancient power that wants to destroy the current timeline forever.

I received a copy of Wayfarer from HarperCollins New Zealand to review. This is the C5dr1FsUoAAWRK0conclusion to Passenger.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Passenger and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to continue with the story until I read the cliffhanger at the end of the book and I needed to know what happened to Etta. I think Etta and Sophia were the only characters I liked in Passenger so I was glad they were both in Wayfarer a lot.

I felt like Etta had her priorities in order in Wayfarer compared to Nicholas. He was too focused on getting Etta back, kind of in an obsessive way, when he should have been tracking down the Astrolabe. Etta put finding the Astrolabe over getting back to Nicholas because she was smart enough to realise what was more important – saving the timeline from Cyrus Ironwood so that she had the chance to see Nicholas again. Nicholas annoyed me in this book just as much as he did in Passenger. Maybe even more.

There was still too much unnecessary detail for me. I think because I was expecting it I was able to see past it this time. For most of the book anyway. There were parts I skipped over because there was stuff I didn’t need to know. Like the ending. I cannot believe how long that dragged on like it wasn’t obvious what was going to happen. I had to skip all the violin/music talk because it didn’t interest me at all and wasn’t relevent to the story. And by then I just wanted to get to the end.

There was something left out of the ending that I would have liked an answer to. I won’t give anything away but I will say that it’s about Julian.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like Wayfarer but I actually did. A lot more than Passenger. I think this had a better storyline, with that extra twist having someone else looking for the Astrolabe as well as Cyrus to destroy everything. And I really liked Etta, Sophia and Julian.

*Thank you HarperCollins New Zealand for sending me a copy to review*

– Aimee.


4 thoughts on “Review: Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken.

    • I wouldn’t go off a rating if you want to read a book. Make up your own opinion 🙂 I liked the story but had problems with the unnecessary info and one character.


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