Review: The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil.

Title – The Secret Science of Magic
Author – Melissa Keil
How I Got It – From the publisher
Pages – 328 pages
Publication Date – April 1st 2017 by Hardie Grant Egmont
ISBN – 9781760127763
RRP – $22.99 NZD
My Rating – ★★★★★/5

Sophia is smart, as in child prodigy smart. This terrifies her because geniuses have a tendency to end up reclusive and weird. With Sophia reluctant to socialise with most of her peers, she’s halfway there already.

Sophia feels like she can’t tell her best friend, Elsie, her feeling about the future because Elsie is completely focused on her own future – and plans that will mean leaving Sophia behind. There are some things that being a child prodigy can’t prepare you for and the messiness of the real world is one of them.

Joshua is good at magic tricks, ignoring almost everything about year 12 and avoiding thinking about life after high school. Joshua has had a crush on Sophia for years, but he C7jZHd8VYAAaEwqdoesn’t have a lot of time left to act on it. Timing is everything and Joshua has a plan.

I received a copy of The Secret Science of Magic from Hardie Grant Australia to review.

I don’t read a lot of contemporaries but when I picked this up I was glad to take a break from the books I normally read.

I really liked both Sophia, Joshua and their friends. I didn’t understand why some people got so annoyed with Sophia for not picking up on how others were feeling sometimes. It was obvious her brain worked differently to the people around her and she can’t pick up on a lot of facial cues. I don’t know if the people in her life didn’t know or they just forgot. But I didn’t think it was something Sophia should be blamed for. Or blamed for not picking up how people were feeling when they were so good at hiding it.

I liked that Joshua seemed to understand Sophia, he liked her the way she was and didn’t try to change her, to make her socialise if she didn’t want to. I also like the magic tricks he did, especially the last one. Not that I can see them when I’m reading but that last illusion was pretty epic.

This book is not only funny but also diverse and intelligent. The love story between Sophia and Joshua went from a tentative friendship and acceptance to something that took Sophia completely by surprise. I enjoyed this book. It was definitely magical.

*Thank you Hardie Grant for sending me a copy to review*

– Aimee


4 thoughts on “Review: The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil.

  1. Yes this is the first time I heard about this book as well, and it looks and sounds absolutely intriguing and amazing. I also don’t read a lot of contemporary romance, but I am really intrigued about this one after reading your review. Thank you so much for the great review and post.


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