Review: The Silent Invasion by James Bradley.

Title – The Silent Invasion
Series – The Change #1
Author – James Bradley
How I got it – From the publisher
Publication date – March 28th 2017 by Pan Macmillan Australia
ISBN – 9781743549896
RRP – $19.99 NZD
My rating – ★★★/5

Earth is dying. Plants, animals and humans are being infected by spores from space. Then they become part of a growing alien intelligence.

Callie has discovered that her little sister is Changing so she runs away with Gracie to find the Zone. Callie wants to stop Quarantine from getting their hands on Gracie and “terminating” her.

But what Callie finds in the Zone will change her life forever and send her on a journey she wasn’t expecting.

I received a copy of The Silent Invasion from Pan Macmillan New Zealand to review. This C9FrlvQUMAAuJuUis the first book in the Change trilogy.

I haven’t read a lot of alien invasion stories but the ones I have read I’ve enjoyed. So I was looking forward to reading this. The invasion in this series is completely different to anything I’ve ever read. But in a good way. I really want to know what this infection is and what it means when the things, people, animals and plants, change and what they change into… I’ll have to read the other books in the trilogy to get answers. Hopefully.

There was one thing that bugged me about The Silent Invasion though. I’m not into the ‘insta-love’ storylines but this came out of nowhere. One minute Callie is in a life and death situation and the next she’s apparently in love. But later it sounds like this guy is just a distraction from the fact that Callie’s sister is Changing. I get why she’d want distracting from losing the only family member she had left. But either the guy was a distraction or she loved him I’m not sure it came be both…

Aside from that I liked the story and the ending had a very surprising cliffhanger. I wanted to read the next book before I even read the ending because I had some questions about the invasion, the Change and Callie’s dad. But now I want to know what’s going on.

If you like aliens, invasions and creepy stuff that has people changing into something alien then I’d recommend giving The Silent Invasion a try.

*Thank you Pan Macmillan New Zealand for sending me a copy to review*

– Aimee.


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