Review: The Cows by Dawn O’Porter.

Title – The Cows
Author – Dawn O’Porter
How I Got It – From the publisher
Pages – 439 pages
Publication Date – April 6th 2017 by HarperCollins
ISBN – 9780008240981
My Rating – ★★★★/5

“Sometimes it’s okay not to follow the herd.”

Tara, Cam and Stella don’t know each other and are living their lives as best they can. But when society’s screaming that you should live one way, it can be hard to like the person toy see in the mirror.

When a shocking event brings these women together, one woman’s catastrophe become’s another’s inspiration, and can be a life lesson for everyone.

I received a copy of The Cows from HarperCollins New Zealand to review.


I’d heard good things about this before I picked it up so I was excited to find out why so many people liked it. And it did not let me down. This kind of reminded me of a book I read last year about three friends but this book is so much better.

I loved Cam and how she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or share her view on things. Cam was a strong, independent woman and I loved that she wasn’t scared to be herself, even if the people in her life didn’t understand her or the choices she was making. I didn’t have a lot in common with Cam but there was one thing, that I don’t plan on having kids. I don’t get the same reactions Cam did from her family but I understand being judged for not wanting kids. I loved reading Cam’s blog and I took a lot from her posts.

I also really liked Tara. She made a very public mistake and was unfairly judged for it. I mean, was it the wrong place to do it? Yes. But the stuff people said about her after and then bring up her choices about her child. I know people online can be very critical and it’s so annoying. I saw a post the other day of Kim Kardashian being attacked for how she put Saint’s car seat in her car. What? I just don’t understand why people have to even comment on it and be so critical all the time. Anyway, this isn’t about Kim and a car seat.

I really liked the friendship between Cam and Tara, even though it was mostly through emails and texts. They seemed like they could be great friends. And Tara needed a great friend after what her so-called “best-friend” did. I don’t know how she’d been friends with her for so long.

Then there was Stella… I don’t even know where to start with Stella. I mean, yes I felt bad for her and all the things she’d been through with her mum and sister but then she went off the rails, things got really weird and I just… I don’t understand how she thought that was going to fix things? There were other ways to get what she wanted. Better ways even. I felt so uncomfortable reading what she was planning to do. And especially because she got the idea from something she read about Tara.

I really enjoyed The Cows and took more away from it than I thought I would. If you like strong female characters and topics covering feminism and the expectations still put on women, then you should definitely pick up a copy. I actually laughed out loud a few times.

*Thank you HarperCollins New Zealand for sending me a copy to review*




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