Review: Ida by Alison Evans.

Title – Ida
Author – Alison Evans
How I Got It – From the publisher
Publication Date – January 1st 2017 by Bonnier Publishing
ISBN – 9781760404383
RRP – $19.99 NZD
My Rating – ★★★/5

Ida is struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She has the power to shift between different universes, allowing her to follow alternate paths.

One day, Ida sees a shadowy doppelganger on the train and she starts wondering if she actually has control of her ability and whether there are consequences that she’s never considered.

How could she know if one universe is better than another? And what if all the shifting causes Ida to lose what’s most important to her just as she discovers what it is? What happens if Ida can’t find her way back?

I received a copy of Ida from Bonnier Publishing Australia to review. 9

I’ve read a few books with time travel and dimension travel so I was looking forward to reading Ida. But I wish there was more to the book, like a little longer maybe? Because I felt like so much was left out.

I wish there had been an explanation for why Ida can travel to alternate universes and it seems like the rest of her family can’t… Where did this ability/power come from? Then there were the people who just appeared, trying to fix the mess Ida had made and then they just disappeared just as suddenly… What? I would have liked to know more about them and the work they were doing. I just felt a little let down with all the things that were left out.

Ida (the book) was full of diverse characters though, which I loved. Ida is bisexual in a relationship with Daisy, who identifies as genderqueer and goes by they/them pronouns. I will admit it took me awhile to get used to reading the they/them pronouns because I think this is the first book where I think they’ve been used, where someone other than the main character uses they/them pronouns.

There was also Ida’s cousin, Frank. Who was, I think, transgender. It’s not actually said out loud but he does mention experimenting wearing binders and finding the right one. I don’t think I’ve read a fiction YA book with a character talking about binding before so that was really great to see.

I do wish there was more about Ida and Daisy. Their story was mostly told in past tense because of all the travelling Ida was doing. I know there was something going on at home for Daisy but it was just hinted at and glossed over. I got the impression that there was an alcoholic/abusive father but I’m not really sure.

And then there was the ending, which felt kind of rushed to me. This other character, Daramius, was meant to be helping Ida but like I said, she just kind of left the story and the mess to Ida. I guess it was her mess to fix anyway. I just felt like the book was so short I didn’t really get to connect with these characters as much as I liked them. Which is a shame because I’ve heard good things about this book.

Ida has a very diverse cast of characters and is an own voices book which is always a plus. It’s also by an Australian author. I just wish I had connected more with the characters and the story.

*Thank you Bonnier Publishing for sending me a copy to review*

– Aimee.


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