July Book Haul.


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I was meant to be on a book buying ban this month. That lasted like three days? I only bought five books but they did cost me a lot of money… Well not a lot but more than I usually pay for books in a month. But I did get a pretty good deal. I’ll talk about that later though. 1

So the first book I got was sent to me from HarperCollins New Zealand. I’d seen this on Booktube I think and thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy.

I think this is about siblings, a brother and sister, competing for the throne? I’m not 100% sure so don’t quote me on that.

This would totally have been a cover buy for me had I not had the opportunity to review it because this cover is gorgeous.

I think I’ve read two books by Charbonneau. So I’m looking forward to reading this.


The second book I received to review was from Allen and Unwin New Zealand to review. I didn’t realize this was a sequel until it arrived so I won’t be reading it until I have a copy of the first book. Which I haven’t gotten around to buying yet.

I haven’t really read much about this because it is a sequel but I know it’s about mermaids, or a mermaid.. Whatever. I’ll figure it out when I get a copy of Lorelei.

This is another book with a gorgeous cover. And it’s even better in person because the gold scales are holo I think.

The next five books I bought for myself. I went into a local second-hand bookstore and these were sitting on the counter. Apparently they were an unwanted gift and the guy3 took them into the store. I already had the paperback editions of the A Song of Ice and Fire series but I couldn’t just leave them.

So I started talking to the woman in the store about the books and she took $10 off for me and then I was like “okay I’ll take them.” Now I have to sell my other editions.

I have read the series up to A Dance with Dragons twice and I’ve read A Game of Thrones three times. I still want to re-read A Dance with Dragons before the next book comes out. If it ever comes out. So obviously there’s no rush for that re-read.

The next book I got was a surprise from Penguin Random House New Zealand. I’d read 4the synopsis of this but didn’t request it. I do plan on reading this for ARC August though.

So from what I remember of the synopsis a woman is at home making dinner and the next thing she knows she’s waking up in the hospital… The police are saying she was up to no good. Her best friend doesn’t know what to think. Her husband is on her side. But she’s not sure who to believe. I think it sounds pretty good and I’m looking forward to reading it.

I don’t know when I’ll get to it though because I’m in another reading slump at the moment so yay me. I’m reading The Crown’s Game to try to get out of it. 5

Hachette New Zealand sent me a copy of City of Circles to review. This is another book I have on my ARC August TBR.

I think this follows a girl who lost her parents and is trying to find out what happened to them. And something about a circus. But I’m not really sure what.

Fans of Erin Morgenstern will apparently like this. I haven’t read her books though so I’m not sure what to expect. Which I think is good because it won’t let me down.

Okay so this isn’t the kind of book I usually read but it said fans of Jojo Moyes will enjoy 6this and even though I’ve only read two books by her I did enjoy them.

I’m just going to admit that since I read the synopsis a couple of months ago I cannot remember what this is about. But I am looking forward to reading it. It’ll give me a break from the books I usually read, which is always a good thing for me.

I don’t know when I’ll be reading this though. My TBR is a little crazy this month but I’ll hoping that I can get to it soon. There was also something mentioned about keeping the secret once you’ve read the book. Which seems really interesting… 7

Allen and Unwin New Zealand also sent me a copy of Sparrow to review. This was a complete surprise as I didn’t request it. But because it’s by an Australian author I think I’ll give it a chance. One day.

I don’t remember what this is about either. Obviously it has something to do with alligators or crocodiles… I guess I’ll find out whenever I pick it up. I think my mother plans to read it as well. I’m not really sure why… But whatever. I don’t care if she wants to read it first. She probably will get to it before I do.

Hachette New Zealand also sent me a copy of The Taste of Blue Light to review. This isn’t 8out til next month but I do have it on my ARC August TBR. I’ll probably read this at the end of August though.

I think this is about a girl who wakes up from a coma and her dreams, or nightmares, are all in red. I don’t know what that has to do with blue light but I’m sure it’ll make sense when I read the book.

I thought this sounded really interesting when I read the synopsis so I’m looking forward to reading this as well. There’s a note at the start of the book that made it sound really good too but I can’t remember who wrote it.

I can’t remember who sent me a copy of Slave Power. I think it actually came from the author but that’s not who I requested it from…. 9

I did read the synopsis of this but it was so long ago that I don’t remember what the book is about. I know it’s the first in a new series and that it’s meant to have a strong female lead. But that’s all I can remember.

Oh, it’s also by a New Zealand author which is a big reason behind me wanting to read it. I love supporting local authors. I’ve never heard of Raewyn Dawson until I was sent an email about the book.

Anyway, this is on my August TBR, which I will be sharing this weekend.

Bonnier Publishing Australia sent me a copy of And Fire Came Down to review. This is 10the sequel to Resurrection Bay which I read and reviewed a couple of months ago. If you want to read that review you can check it out here.

I really enjoyed Resurrection Bay so I’m excited to read And Fire Came Down. I think Caleb, the main character, is investigating the death of a woman when it leads him back to his hometown again.

I have And Fire Came Down on my August TBR and am hoping to read it soon. But I also have a couple of other books to read first. 11

I received some surprise book mail from Bloomsbury Australia in July. These two were completely unexpected but definitely welcome.

I don’t know when I’ll get to these, hopefully soon, but I have another book from Bloomsbury Australia on my TBR for August. If I can fit one in I’ll definitely will but I’m not sure I will.

I can’t remember what either of these are about but I did like the sound of them when I first read the synopsis.

Walker Books Australia sent me a copy of Tell It to the Moon to review. This is the sequel 12to The Moonlight Dreamers. Which I read recently. I’m not going to talk about Tell It to the Moon because it is a sequel and I don’t want to spoil things for anyone who hasn’t read The Moonlight Dreamers yet.

But The Moonlight Dreamers was so good. It was about four girls, all completely different and from different backgrounds, that come together and not only become friends but better people as well.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be holding a giveaway for both books when I post my review of Tell It to the Moon (sometime in August). So if you live in New Zealand or Australia then keep an eye out for that. The books will be sent from Walker Books Australia. 13

The next two books are both from Hachette New Zealand. Friend Request is a mystery/thriller (I don’t know which).

A woman gets a friend request on Facebook from someone she knew in high school. But this friend has book missing for years and people assume she’s dead. So, who’s sent the request? And is this Maria actually dead?

I thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy so I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going on in this book. I do like thrillers so I couldn’t resist requesting this.

I Am Traitor is about an alien invasion and one girl thinks she’s found a way to save 14humanity (I think) but it means trusting the enemy. I’m pretty sure I got that right. But again, don’t quote me on it.

I love alien invasion books. Not that I’ve read a lot of them but out of the ones I have read I enjoyed them.

I can’t wait to see what this alien invasion is about and what exactly is going on. I think this is set in London if I remember correctly. But my memory is shit so I doubt it. I think this is also out in September so I won’t be reading it this month. Unless I can fit it in right at the end. 15

So a couple of months ago I was contacted through my blog about reviewing this book. I don’t normally say yes because it’s always an e-book and I can’t read digital books. But they offered to send me a physical copy of the book.

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold has adventure, pirates, stolen gold, criminals, ship wrecks and some curses.

I’d never heard of this before I read the email but I am always happy to help out indie authors if I can. This is the first book in a series and is also on my August TBR.

So the last two books I received in July were sent to me from Hardie Grant Australia to review. I totally forgot to take a photo of these so I’ll have to just link to their Goodreads pages.

The first book was I Have No Secrets and I thought this sounded really good. This is on my ARC August TBR so I’ll be reading this soon. The second book was In the Dark Spaces which also sounded really good. I’m hoping to get to this soon too.

So that’s my July book haul. How many books did you get last month?

– Aimee.


Top Ten Tuesday (May 3rd): Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh.


I’ve been really slack with my Top Ten Tuesday posts lately. I meant to do this one a couple of weeks ago and missed it. So I decided to do it today because I’m not really into today’s theme.

imrs1. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling – 

I don’t know how many times I’ve read these books but they still make me laugh. The Weasley twins are hilarious, Ron even has his moments.

I recently read the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and even that had me laughing a few times.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan – 

picmonkey-collage2The sass in these books! I love Percy and Leo, they’re both hilarious. I have read Percy Jackson and the Olympians twice and Heroes of Olympus once.

I’m looking forward to reading The Sword of Summer and The Trials of Apollo. I don’t want to get my expectations up because I didn’t really like The Kane Chronicles but I think that they’re up already. Especially because Apollo will be going to Camp Half-Blood!!

Even the books Rick wrote in Percy’s perspective about the Greek Gods and Heroes are hilarious, if a little disturbing in places.

985870_Fotor_Collage_Fotor3. A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin – 

Okay so these books have a lot of blood and death but they are also funny in places. I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy the books as much as I do but there are some on my Instagram that I talk to.

My favourite character that always makes me laugh is Tyrion. He’s always so sarcastic and uses his wit instead of his fists. It doesn’t always work out for him but he’s always funny when he insults people.

Jaime also has some funny parts. Especially from the third book on. He changed a lot in the books and I hated him at the start but now he’s grown on me.

81N-m6WpExL4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – 

Okay so TFIOS isn’t funny all the time but it did make me laugh even while I was crying.When Issac was doing his eulogy for Augustus (I think I’m far past spoiling this book for anyone but my bad if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie) was really sad but hilarious.

Then there was the part where Hazel, Augustus and Issac egg his ex-girlfriends car. That was funny because Issac couldn’t see and Augustus was trying to help him aim.

I think I’ve read TFIOS three times now and it still makes me laugh and cry. I haven’t read all of John’s books but this is definitely my favourite.

Apparently I don’t read many funny books. The only others I can think of is The Mortal Instruments and that’s only Jace that’s funny for me so I can’t really count it because even though he did make me laugh he’s kind of depressing and frustrating most of the time.

These are the only ones I could come up with. I did Google funny YA books but the ones that came up I either haven’t read or didn’t find funny. Like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl came up a lot and that book was just a waste of time. I regret ever reading that and don’t understand how it was published.

So I’m giving up after only finding four funny books/series to share. Even though every one of these books is filled with death, suffering and blood they are funny too.

What are some funny books you’ve read?

– Aimee.

Top Ten Tuesday (January 19th): Top Book to Movie/TV Show Adaptations.


This week is a freebie so I decided to do my top book to movie and TV show adaptations. I’m not going to put these in any order though.

Harry-potter-filmsHarry Potter Series.
There are some things missing from the books that I wished they’d included but there’s only so much they can fit into a movie. I still love these movies (and books).

divergent-and-insurgent-movie-posterDivergent Series.
So far I’ve loved both Divergent and Insurgent. I know a lot of people didn’t like Insurgent but even with the changes from the book I still loved it. I can’t wait for the next ones.

image5_largeThe Hunger Games Series.
I still haven’t seen the last Mockingjay movie but I hope to soon. I have loved all the adaptations so far.

The-100-Season-2The 100.
I watched the first season of The 100 before reading the book because I’d never heard of it before then. I still have the last book to read. But I love the TV show. It’s completely different to the books but I love them both. And I really miss Finn 😦

Game-Thrones-S6-TeaserGame of Thrones.
This is another one where I saw the first season before I read the books. Now that the TV show has caught up to the books it’s going to get interesting. I was going to wait until I’d read The Winds of Winter before watching the next season but I’ve officially given up waiting so when the new season starts in April I’ll be watching.

vampire-diaries-season-7-poster-fullThe Vampire Diaries.
I think I was halfway through season one of The Vampire Diaries when I started reading the books. I can’t remember how many I read, three or four I think, before I gave up. The book were so bad. I didn’t start to hate Elena until she was messing around with both Stefan and Damon but in the books I couldn’t stand her, she was so vain and annoying. I’m liking the TV show a lot more now that Elena isn’t in it. I always preferred Katherine.

Okay so I’ve only seen two episodes but I really like it so far. I saw the movie, City of Bones, and hated it. They changed too much and I could not see Jamie as Jace at all. The cast in Shadowhunters is so much better than the movie. Obviously some things have been changed but not a lot so far.

rs_634x936-151215111412-634.pretty-little-liars-gallery-freeform-6.ch.121515Pretty Little Liars.
I still haven’t finished the books yet but I love the show. This season is kind of annoying so far with Ezria and Haleb not together and I don’t like Hanna’s fiance but that might be because I love Caleb. Anyway, the book series is just so long that I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet.

Book_thief_movieposterThe Book Thief.
I loved this movie when I saw it two years ago. I did see the movie before reading the book but when I walked out of the cinema I bought the book straight away.

tumblr_mydouiYnl31sfevmio2_500The Fault in Our Stars.
A friend recommended The Fault in Our Stars to me before I’d heard of the movie. As soon as I started it I couldn’t put it down. So far it’s my favourite John Green book but I’ve only read this, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.

Those are the ones that popped into my head. What are your favourite movie or TV show adaptations?


Trilogy/Series I Want to Reread.

I got the idea to do this from Elle over at elle.biblio (who you should follow if you don’t already, she’s a lovely person and obviously into books too). Her post on the books she wants to reread got me thinking about the books that I want to reread or need to finish rereading.


Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas – 
I started rereading this series last month with Throne of Glass. I’m planning on reading Crown of Midnight this month (fingers crossed). I want to finish this series this year so I hope I can get to Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows soon.


The Selection Series by Kiera Cass – 
I only finished this series this year. I’d read The Selection and The Elite before but put off reading The One because I wasn’t ready for it to end. Then I found out about The Heir and I knew I had to finish it. But I still want to read them again. They’re fast, easy reads and I love Maxon.


The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins – 
I should’ve already reread this trilogy ready for Mockingjay Part 2’s release next month. But better late than never. Plus, I don’t know when I’ll be seeing the movie so I still have a chance to fit them all in.


Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu – 
I’ve already started rereading this trilogy. I read Legend last month. I’ve read both Legend and Prodigy before but I haven’t read Champion yet. I should’ve put Prodigy on my October TBR but I completely forgot it.

ASoIaF New

A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin – 
I’ve planned on rereading the series so that I’m ready for when the next book in the series comes out, not that I know when that’ll be, but I need to reread them anyway. I’ve forgotten so many things that happened in the books. So far I’ve only reread A Game of Thrones and A Clash for Kings but I’ll get to the others eventually.


The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare – 
I have City of Angels on my TBR for this month. I have started rereading these books but when I got halfway I just stopped. I needed to read the first five books to get a refresher before I read City of Heavenly Fire.


The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer – 
It’s been years since I’ve read these books. I know I used to love them but I’m honestly not sure what I’ll feel when I get around to reading them again. And I will read them again. I just don’t know when.

Those are all the series/trilogies I can think of that I want to reread or finish rereading.

What are some books you want to reread? Leave me a comment and let me know.