WWW Wednesday [August 9th 2017] –



This meme is hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer the following three questions in a post and then put a link to that post in the Comments over at Taking on a World of Words.

The questions are:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading –  DFy3ukSUIAAFpZq
I haven’t taken a photo of my current read yet because the weather is crap and so is my lighting…

Anyway, I started I Have No Secrets this morning. I’m not that far in yet but I like what I’ve read so far.

This book follows Jemma who has cerebral palsy. She can’t move or talk so she relies on her parents and carer for everything. But Jemma is smart and loves to learn. She also knows a lot of secrets – and one of them is so terrible she doesn’t know how to deal with it. But what can she do about it?

I really like Jemma and I am looking forward to finding out more about her and her family. DGajxgdU0AAN5B0

Recently Finished –
I finished reading Darien: Empire of Salt yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It did take me a while to get into but I think that was because I wasn’t in the mood to read not because of the story.

This is the first book in a YA fantasy series. It follows a few different characters and I was confused what was going on at the start but it did all come together in the end. I’ll be reviewing this soon so if you’re interested in reading that keep an eye out.

I also read The Student by Iain Ryan. This is a very shot book but it felt like there was a DGWQ9JZUQAA9v89lot going on. Murder, drugs, gang members and this one guy is in the middle of it all. Not for anything he’s done but because of the company he keeps and the fact he deals drugs.

I don’t really know what to think of this book. I don’t like drugs at all so I didn’t like the MC for dealing them or his friends for dealing them either. I guess I’ll have to get my thoughts together when I write my review… Or before then actually… Anyway hopefully I’ll get this reviewed soon too.

The Student and Darien: Empire of Salt were also books I read for ARC August. Oh and so is I Have No Secrets. DGB1t_4UwAMwaVm

I finished The Crown’s Game too and I really enjoyed it. It’s not what I was expecting but in a really good way. To be honest I don’t actually know what I was expecting but that wasn’t it.

I can’t wait to read the sequel, The Crown’s Fate, even though I’m like 100% sure how it’ll end for two of the characters. I’m not really into it for the romance or whatever but I do want to see how the story will end. I have no idea when I’ll get to it though.

Reading Next – 4
A Stranger is the House was sent to me from Penguin Random House New Zealand to review. It was a complete surprise but it sounds like something I’ll enjoy reading so I’m looking forward to picking it up.

All I know about this is that a woman is in her kitchen making dinner and then she’s waking up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there or what happened. Her husband doesn’t know what to think but her best friend seems to think she was up to no good.

I can’t wait to find out what’s going on in this book!

What have you been reading?

– Aimee.

August TBR.


I know this is a week late but better late than never I guess… I have read two and a bit books this month but only one of them is actually in the TBR pile… One I totally forgot about and the other one I was reading at the time and it slipped my mind.

I’ve read The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye and The Student by Iain Ryan. I enjoyed both of them but I did like The Crown’s Game more. I’m currently reading Darien: Empire of Salt by C.F. Iggulden. This is the first book in a new YA fantasy trilogy/series. I’m enjoying this too but I just haven’t been in the mood to read so I’m kind of struggling with it. I don’t think it’s the book though.

Then there’s the books on my TBR that I haven’t gotten to yet. My next read will be I DGLyLltVoAAjiAtHave No Secrets by Penny Joelson. This sounds really good and I can’t wait to pick it up. It will also be my third book for ARC August.

A few of the books on this month’s TBR were also on my July TBR… I have been reading really slowly lately. My new medication makes me nauseous and I just can’t read when I feel like throwing up all the time. But I’m hoping to actually read Godblind, Midnight Jewel and Song of the Current this month.

It’s kind of an ambitious TBR pile considering my reading has been slowing down but whatever. We’ll find out how many I’ll actually get through at the end of the month.

What’s on your TBR for August?

– Aimee.

WWW Wednesday [August 2nd 2017] –



This meme is hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer the following three questions in a post and then put a link to that post in the Comments over at Taking on a World of Words.

The questions are:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading – DGB1t_4UwAMwaVm
I’ve been in a reading slump for the past week I think. I have been forcing myself to read but I haven’t been reading much. I was hoping that The Crown’s Game would help get me out of it and I am enjoying the book but it’s just not helping that much. Or, my phone and social media keep distracting me. Plus Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf are back and I was watching them the other day instead of reading. So those are all my excuses. 

This is the first book in a duology I think. It takes place in Russia but an alternate Russia, one with magic. There are two enchanters competing in a game to be the Imperial Enchanter. It’s been pretty good so far.

Recently Finished – DFsce4jUAAAn4vE
I read The Leaving last week. I think this might have been the book that put me in a reading slump. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I really enjoyed The Possible when I read it a few months ago so I guess I had my hopes up for this which is always a bad thing to do.

Anyway, so six kids go missing and eleven years later five come back with no memory of where they were or who took them.

I thought it sounded really interesting but it was just a little bit weird for me. I don’t know. I might do a review on this, I’m not really sure yet. DFdGElAXgAIw6N7

I also finished Countless which I really enjoyed. I think I talked about what this book was about in my last WWW Wednesday post so I don’t really feel like repeating myself. But I will say this was surprisingly good. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything when I started this which is probably why it was so good.

I will be reviewing this soon-ish. I don’t really know when. I haven’t written it yet and I have a few others to write first so if you’re interested in seeing my thoughts on Countless then keep an eye out for my review.

Reading Next – 16
I have a few books that I want to read next and I do have my ARC August TBR figured out but I just found a book that I was sent a few months ago and never got around to so I think I’ll be reading that.

I don’t actually have a photo of it by itself but it’s The Student by Iain Ryan. I don’t know much about it but I did think it sounded interesting when I first read the synopsis. This is an ARC so it’ll go towards my ARC August post at the end of the week. If I get it read by then…

What have you read in the last week?

– Aimee.

Monthly wrap up & TBR


I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in June. I mean, nine books is still good it just wasn’t what I had planned. But whatever.


Contagion by Teri Terry – ★★★★/5
One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus – ★★★★/5
The Cows by Dawn O’Porter – ★★★★/
The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord – ★★★★/5
Pieces of You by Eileen Merriman – ★★★★/5
Ida by Alison Evans – ★★★/5
Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray – ★★★/5
Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh – ★★★★/5
Beyond the Wall Tanya Landman – ★★★★/5

So read some pretty good books in June. I think my favourite was Flame in the Mist. But I’ll talk about that more in my review.

Onto my July TBR.


I’ve almost finished reading The Glittering Court and I’ve actually enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading Midnight Jewel soon.

I have been thinking that I might mix up my review books with some of my own books. I think that’s what’s been putting me in a reading slump. So I’m not expecting to stick to this TBR too closely.

What’s on your July TBR?


June Book Haul.

DDnXvkMUAAE_3FMI got a total of 17 books this month. Three I’ve read previously and just wanted my own copy. The rest I haven’t managed to get to yet.

So I’m just going to jump right into the haul because they always take so long to type up.

So the first book I got was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. I used to have all The


Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books but when we moved I got rid of a lot of books and DVDs. But I’ve wanted to read The Dark Artifices for a while. I know the second book came out recently but I’m going to see if I like this before getting a copy of that.

I don’t really know much about this other than Emma wants to know what really happened to her parents.

I don’t think I’ll be reading this any time soon because my TBR is crazy and this is like 800 pages. But I hope to have read it by the end of the year. Maybe…

I wasn’t planning on getting both the hardcover and paperback editions of Philosopher’s 1Stone. I’d pre-ordered the hardback months ago from Book Depository. But then I saw the paperback in a bookstore over here for 20% off and free Hogwarts house postcards. So, I couldn’t say no.

I read the extras inside the paperback edition when I got it and I really enjoyed them. I also love all the new illustrations too. I didn’t have a very long look though. I just sort of skimmed everything. I’ll read them all again one day. There’s no rush.

What Hogwarts house are you in? Are you planning on getting all the house editions or just the house you’re in? 3

I received an ARC of Empire of Salt from Penguin Random House New Zealand to review. This is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy (I think) and I’m pretty sure it’s YA… But I’m not 100% sure.

I’m also not really sure what’s it about other than 12 families fighting for one throne. Kind of sounds like A Game of Thrones but I don’t want to compare it to that before even reading it because I’ll just get disappointed. I love the Song of Ice and Fire series. I love fantasy books so I’m looking forward to reading this. I think it’s released in August so I’ll read it closer to the release date.


HarperCollins New Zealand sent me a copy of The Crown’s Fate to review. I haven’t read The Crown’s Game, even though I’ve had a copy of it since it was released last year.

But I think I’ll be putting The Crown’s Game on my July TBR, which I haven’t even really thought of yet. And if I have time I’ll try to squeeze The Crown’s Fate onto it as well. But knowing my reading at the moment I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I don’t really know much about these other than they’re set in Russia (I think) but I’ve heard really good things about both of them so I’m excited to read them. 5

Hardie Grant Egmont sent me a copy of The Huntress: Sea to review. I think that’s how you do the title? I requested this a few months ago so I can’t remember what this is about anymore. It was sent to my old address so I didn’t receive it straight away and will admit I completely forgot about it.

I will be putting this on my July TBR since it kind of went missing for a while. I don’t know when it was released but I’m probably behind…

I finally bought a copy of Cinder. This was the last book that I needed to complete my6 collection of The Lunar Chronicles. I love this series and wanted them all in hardback because I won a copy of Winter last year I think and it was a hardback so I wanted the rest of the series to match and now they do. I don’t have a copy of Fairest though because I can’t stand Levana and I don’t want that on my shelves. She’s an evil, twisted cow.

I loved this series! I’ve read the first three books twice, I had to re-read them before I could read Winter. But I haven’t read Stars Above yet. I’ll get to it one day. Soon I hope. If you haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles then I recommend finding copies.


I received a copy of The Ones that Disappeared from Hachette New Zealand to review. I think this is set in Australia by an Australian author but I could be completely wrong.

I think this is about kids disappearing and a fictional version of what may have happened to them. I really can’t remember.

I don’t know if this will be going on my TBR for this month yet. I have another book from Hachette that will be in this post that I want to read more. If I can fit it in I definitely will though. I love this cover. It’s kind of velvety in person and so pretty.


HarperCollins New Zealand sent me a copy of Godblind to review. I think this is a debut novel and the first in a new fantasy series.

This sounded really interesting when I first heard about it and I am really hoping to get to it this month. I know it’s about some kind of red gods but that’s all I remember. And yes, I can see that on the cover in the photo…

Speaking of the cover, it is so eye-catching. I’m not sure but I think this is an adult fantasy book and not YA but again, not 100% sure. So I’m expecting a lot of death and gore… 10

The next two books were sent to me from Penguin Random House New Zealand to review.

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index follows Juniper after the death of her sister and how she’s trying to move on/put her life back together. And she writes these index cards of happy things. But one goes missing with a big (maybe?) secret on it. And I think the book is what follows. Or something along those lines. I have heard good things about this so I’m looking forward to reading it.


The second book I received from Penguin Random House New Zealand was Midnight Jewel. This is the sequel to The Glittering Court which I got in a giveaway but haven’t actually read yet. I’m reading it at the moment. Although I’m not really that far in but I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

I’ll be putting Midnight Jewel on my July TBR because I need to have it read this month. Hopefully I can get to it soon. But I don’t think I’ll be reading it straight after The Glittering Court. I have too many other books to read first. I think this is out on the 6th? 12

Hachette New Zealand sent me a copy of When Dimple Met Rishi to review. I have heard so many good things about this books and I am so excited to read it. I’ve been getting into contemporary books a lot more in the last couple of months. They’re a nice break from all the fantasy books I read.

When Dimple Met Rishi will definitely be going on my July TBR. I think I might actually read it really soon. I’ve got my next read picked out but it might be the one after that. Anyway, I’m just rambling now…

I went shopping alone a couple of days ago, which is never a god idea, and I saw a ‘buy


one get one half price’ on YA books and I just couldn’t resist.

I’ve wanted to read Hunted for a while now. I’ve never actually need it in store till the day I bought it though.

I love Beauty and the Beast and I think this is a retelling. I saw the name Beast when I flicked through the book so I’m pretty sure it is. So I’m excited to read it. I haven’t read a lot of Beauty and the Beast retellings. I’m not sure when I’ll actually be reading it though, probably not any time soon because I have a crazy long TBR. 14

The second book I got was York. It’s the first book in a trilogy/series. I’m not really sure which.

I will admit that the cover drew me in because it’s gorgeous and so much better in person. But the story sounded pretty good when I read the synopsis. And then fact I got it for $8.50 wasn’t bad either.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading this. I’m not in a huge rush at the moment. Maybe when the sequel comes out.

I received a 10% off code from Book Depository earlier this month and I used it to buy 15two books. The first book was Our Dark Duet, the sequel to This Savage Song. I read and loved This Savage Song not long after it was released.

I’m hoping Our Dark Duet picks up not long after the ending of This Savage Song. I might have to read the last couple of chapters again to see what happened but I do remember the last scene because that stuck in my head.

This is another book that I hope to read soon but I’m not really sure when I’ll actually get to. These are the first books I’ve read by V.E. Schwab. I have one of her other books, A Darker Shade of Magic, in my Book Depo wishlist. I just haven’t gotten around buying it yet. 16

The other book I got with my code was A Court of Wings and Ruin. I haven’t actually read the first two books in this trilogy yet but now I have them all I don’t really have an excuse, other than my crazy TBR, not to read them.

I know this is like the first three books in the series but also the story in these books has an ending or something. The size of ACOWAR is kind of putting me off wanting to read it soon. I like fast reads at the moment. Much easier to get through and get off my TBR. I need to go on a book buying ban.

The last book I received in June was sent to me from Bloomsbury Australia to review. I love17 this cover and pirates so I cannot wait to read this.

I also can’t remember much about this because I read the synopsis so long ago but I did like the sound of what I read. And this cover is gorgeous!

So that’s my June book haul. I got some amazing books this month that I can’t wait to read.

What did you get in June??

– Aimee.

#ReadThemAllThon TBR


I’m going to be taking part in my first read-a-thon. I’m not a Pokemon fan so I won’t be doing the second part of it but I thought this sounded like an awesome way to get some books off my TBR shelf.

If you want to know more about this you can got to Aentee’s page (from Read at Midnight) and sign up here. All images are hers and I am just borrowing them because they are amazing.

Okay, onto the books.

readthemallthon-badge01-boulder I got The Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken last month and have never read it do I’m going to read The Darkest Minds for this. I’ve only read Passenger by her so I hope I like this trilogy more than that.

readthemallthon-badge02-cascaderI’m only guessing that this book might make me cry because it takes a lot for a book to have me in tears (thanks Me Before You). I’m picking The Memory Book by Lara Avery for this because it sounds really emotional.

readthemallthon-badge03-thunderWell I was going to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for this but I just couldn’t wait six days to read it. So I’ll be reading The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. I’ve been hearing really good things about this for months and I can’t wait to read it.

readthemallthon-badge04-rainbowThis is the one I have not found a book for yet. There are no books on my TBR shelf that fit this and the books that do I’ve already read this year. I don’t want to read them again so soon. Hopefully I’ll find one soon but any suggestions will be very helpful!

readthemallthon-badge05-soulI don’t really do “epic romance” reads so I’m just going to read Winter by Marissa Meyer for this because I’m assuming some of the couples (if not all) will get a happy ending and I love Cinder and Kai.

readthemallthon-badge06-marshI did have another book picked out for this but Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare needs to go back to the library soon so I think I’m going to read that. I’ve had this book for almost two months now and I really need to read it.

readthemallthon-badge07-flameI decided to read The Regulars by Georgia Clark for this. I’m also reading it as part of ARC August so it can be part of both that and this read-a-thon.

readthemallthon-badge08-earthI’ll be reading The Last Star by Rick Yancy for this one. I’ve loved the first two books in the trilogy so far and can’t wait to see how the story ends.

This read-a-thon will be three weeks, starting on the 14th August and finishing on 4th September. I can’t wait to get into these books!

Let me know if you’re going to take part in this read-a-thon too.


June 2016 Book Haul.

The first book I received this month was from Hachette New Zealand.1 This is an advanced copy of On the Other Side so the cover may change by the time it’s released in July.

When I read the synopsis of this I thought it sounded like the kind of book I’d like. I’ve never heard of Carrie Hope Fletcher before so when I saw she had a huge following I was surprised.

I think I may use this for my PopSugar reading challenge. Something about a book written by a celebrity. This kind of counts. Or I’m going to make it count even if it really shouldn’t.

I love this cover. I love how the tree is a heart and the colours are gorgeous.

The next three books I received from HarperCollins New Zealand. I did request The Crown 2to review but I wasn’t expecting it, or the other two, because I was told it had been delayed.

Anyway, I was so excited when I saw it. I’ve only read the first three books in the Selection Series (The Selection, The Elite and The One) but I loved them and I am sure that I’ll love The Heir and The Crown too. I think I might read Happily Ever After before I get to those two though.

I’d never heard of Foxlowe or The Fall of Butterflies but they both sound really good and the covers are beautiful. I think Foxlowe is about a girl growing up in a cult. I have read the synposis for the other one and I think it’s about a girl meeting another girl? I don’t even know.3

Penguin Random House sent me a copy of The Last Star to review. I’ve never read The 5th Wave but I own a copy (no spoilers please). I’ll be reading that soon. But I didn’t have a copy of The Infinite Sea when they sent me this.

I have bought a copy of The Infinite Sea this month, which I’ll be showing in this post. Hopefully by the time I post this at the end of the month I’ll have read The 5th Wave. I write my book haul as I get new books so it doesn’t take long to finish it off when I’m ready to post it. In previous months it’s taken me an hour to write my book haul and I just can’t do that anymore.

I received the next two books from Hachette New Zealand to review. The Sudden  4Appearance of Hope sounds really good. It’s about a girl/woman (I can’t remember) that people never remember. She can do anything, commit any crime, and no one will remember her. At least that’s what I got from the synopsis. Sounds interesting..

End of Watch is the last book in a trilogy. The first two books are Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers. It says on the press release that it’s the last book in the trilogy and a stand alone novel. I’m not sure how a book can be both so that’s a little confusing. I’ve read the first two books and have no idea how you’d be able to read End of Watch as a stand alone because there’s so much from the first two books that you wouldn’t understand.

Anyway, the cover of End of Watch is so good. My photo doesn’t pick it up but if you hold the book in the right like there are raindrops on the cover. It’s really pretty.


I was sent a copy of The First Journey (I think that’s the title) from the author, Melka Stansah, to review.

She lives in Australia and is a really lovely person. I hope to have read this before the end of the month. I think it’s 150+ pages so it shouldn’t take me long but I have a few review books that I need to read first.

I can’t actually remember what this is about but it sounded good when I read the synopsis and it has some good reviews on Goodreads. Not that I read any of them, I just saw the star ratings.

If you’ve read this let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

The Outliers was sent to me from HarperCollins New Zealand for me to review. I saw this 6all over Bookstagram and then Reece Witherspoon read it and after that I really wanted to read it.

I think this is the first in a trilogy but don’t quote me on that.

I think the main character can read minds, or thoughts, something like that. Her best friend has been missing and has finally sent her a text saying she needs help. I think that’s the synopsis. Well, pretty much. It sounds better on the back of the book.

I love this cover and the spine. My photo doesn’t do it justice at all. I was just glad it was sunny when I took the photo because the weather here has sucked here lately. 7

I received the next two books from Hachette New Zealand to review.

I can’t remember what Breathing Under Water is about but it says on the cover that fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell will like it so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only liked The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Well, I actually loved it. I’ve read three of Rainbow Rowell’s books and I think my favourites were Landline and Eleanor and Park. But I am looking forward to reading Breaking Under Water.

The Revelations of Carey Ravine is historical fiction. I’ve been reading more historical fiction this year and have been enjoying them so I’m excited to get into this. I have no idea when I’ll be reading either of these though.

HarperCollins New Zealand also sent me a copy of Dorothy Must Die Stories Vol 2 to 8review. I think this is my new favourite cover in the series. I love how the yellow blends into green and then blue. It’s so pretty!

I’ve read the first three books in the series (Dorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise and Yellow Brick War) but haven’t read Dorothy Must Die Stories Vol 1. I’m hoping to read them both soon though. I’m always a little hesitant with novellas but I am really looking forward to these.

I still haven’t read the original Wizard of Oz stories but I plan to one day. There are too many books I want to read but not enough time do read them. 9

Like I said earlier in this post, I bought a copy of The Infinite Sea. I figured I had the first and last book in the trilogy so I had to get the second. Now I can marathon the trilogy. I love being able to do that. That way there are no cliffhangers.

I’ll be reviewing all three books as I read them. I’m hoping to have at least read The 5th Wave by the end of the month so I may have read it by the time I post this. I don’t plan on coming back to this at the end of the month and editing everything I’ve written because if I’ve read a few books in this haul. I guess you’ll find out what I’ve managed to read this month in my wrap up.

I love the covers of this trilogy. I don’t know if it’s the colours or the artwork/photos or a combination of both but I do love them.

10I also got A Court of Mist and Fury the same day. I haven’t read A Court of Thorns and Roses yet even though I’ve had the book since it was released last year. I don’t know why I put off reading it but now that I have the sequel hopefully I’ll read both soon.

I know there has been some mixed reviews of ACOMAF but I want to keep an open mind going into both books so no spoilers please.

I love how bright these two covers are. There is more detail on the US editions though. Maybe if I like them I’ll get the US editions too because I do like the hardback editions. Same with the US editions of the Throne of Glass series. But I’ll have to see if I have the space first. 11

The Girls was sent to me from Penguin Random House New Zealand. I wasn’t expecting anything from them but I was glad to receive this because it’s the book of the month for a book club I’m in on Goodreads. This is July’s read so I’m going to read it next month.

I don’t know much about this other than it has something to do with Charles Manson and his cult. I’m just going to go into it blind and see what happens. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times it’s been a complete disaster. I’m hoping this time it will be good because there are so many reviews on this that I saw on Goodreads when I added it to my list that didn’t look that good. So, open mind for me.


The next three books are from HarperCollins New Zealand. I had asked them about The Crown’s Game a few weeks ago but wasn’t expecting it or the other two when they were delivered. I was so excited to see The Crown’s Game because I’ve heard good things about this.

The other two I’d seen on their Instagram page. Sing’s cover always makes me think of Taylor Swift but it does sound interesting and The Witch’s Kiss has a twist on fairytales. I don’t think it’s based off one or is a retelling but I could be wrong. The cover is pretty cool too.

I think both Sing and The Witch’s Kiss are out late June or in July but I could be wrong.13

I emailed HarperCollins New Zealand and asked if Nevernight by Jay Kristoff would be available to review closer to the release date and the lovely lady that I talk to told me she had a copy and would get it out to me that day. That was a Friday and I got it on the Monday. I was not expecting it to be so big! I think it’s either 600 pages or close to it. But I am so excited to read it.

I keep seeing good things about this on Goodreads and Bookstagram. I’m trying not to get my hopes up in case I don’t like it but it just sounds so good. I think the main character lost her parents and is now in a school for assassins. Something like that. I’m sure the synopsis makes it sound better than that. But I kind of want to go into it blind. All I heard was “Hogwarts for assassins” and I was like “yes please!!!”

The last book I got in June was sent to me from Simon and Schuster Australia. By the time 14it arrived I’d completely forgotten I’d requested it.

Apparently this is like Girls and Bridget Jones’ Diary with a magical twist. Three friends are trying to make it in New York. They have regular lives until they come across Pretty, a magical elixir that makes them gorgeous. Like, supermodel gorgeous.The effects last for a week and present opportunities to make their fantasies come true.

Sounds a little weird but it caught my attention and I wanted to know what happened and how the elixir is magic. Plus, there has to be all kinds of consequences.. Magic comes with a price. Luna

And lastly, this isn’t a book but it’s bookish merchandise and I was so excited to find her! I got the Luna Funko Pop! She’s adorable and I’ve loved Luna since I first read her character in Order of the Phoenix. Now I just need Sirius and Dobby. Well, until they bring out new Harry Potter Funk Pops and then I’ll need them too.

I got Evanna’s autograph three years ago I think? She came to New Zealand for a convention and my friend met her and got this for me for Christmas.

So that’s my book haul for June. I’ve read none of them. My TBR is out of control.

How many books did you get in June?

– Aimee.