April 2016 Book Haul.


At the start of April I decided not to buy many books this month because my March book haul was a little crazy. I was successful, I only bought three books and there rest were sent to me. It was so hard not buying the books I wanted but I am kind of proud of myself. 1

The first book I got this month was sent to me from Penguin Random House for me to review. It even came wrapped in this ribbon.

I haven’t read the first book in this series, which is called The City, which is why I haven’t read this yet. I got The City the other week from the library and have started it but I’m not that far in yet so I can’t really say much about it.

It is over 500 pages which I think is putting me off a little. I just finished reading a 700+ page book and wanted a break from big fantasy books but oh well. I’ll get there.

The next book I got this month was sent to me from Walker Books Australia to review. This 2is an advanced copy of The Moonlight Dreamers and it doesn’t come out until July so I’ll be reading this closer to the release date.

Siobhan Curham co-wrote (I’m not sure what the right term is) or was the ghost writer of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I read that last year and liked it but not enough to read the sequel. I think the ending to Girl Online was fine with out a sequel.

Anyway, The Moonlight Dreamers sounded like something I’d enjoy. This isn’t the final cover, the actual cover is really pretty. Although I do like this one too.

I bought The Wicked will Rise in a clearance sale. I borrowed a copy from my local library 3last year and read it after Dorothy Must Die but never got around to getting a copy of it until now.

With the third book in the series coming out I decided it was about time I got myself a copy.

I can’t remember much about The Wicked Will Rise so I don’t know if I should re-read the first two books before I read the next one or because I can remember the main parts I can just read Yellow Brick War. That what I did with Glass Sword, I should have re-read Red Queen but I didn’t and I picked it up eventually. I’m not sure yet.

The next book was sent to me from HarperCollins New Zealand for me to review4. I am really excited to read Yellow Brick War this month.

I haven’t decided when I’ll read it because I’m taking part in a Book Bingo over on Instagram (my first time so I’m getting excited for it) and I have to pick a book from a cup so it’s all random. But I will be reading it some time this month because it’s on my board.

I love the cover of this book. I think it’s my favourite in the series so far. The Wicked Will Rise was kind of boring. I love the hardback editions. They have this awesome thing under the dust jacket but my copies are paperbacks.5

These are the last books I bought in April. There was a buy one get one half price on YA books so I couldn’t really pass that up. Although next time I should really look into the books a bit more before I buy them.

I don’t have a problem with the Dorothy Must Die Stories. Other than I wish it was the same size as the other books. I haven’t read any of these novellas so I was excited when I saw this in the sale.

I didn’t know Pathfinder is a spin-off from another series by Angie Sage. I don’t know if I can read it or not because I haven’t read her other series. It only cost $3.50 so it’s not a big loss if I have to pass it on. 6

HarperCollins sent me Desolation to review. It’s the sequel to Demon Road by Derek Landy which I read and reviewed last year.

I thought Demon Road was going to be like Supernatural and it kind of was but not really. It did take me a few chapters to get into but once I did I really liked it.

I haven’t read this yet and it’s on my Book Bingo to read this month. I just have to finish reading The City before I can pick out my first book to read. I am looking forward to Desolation though.

My next book was sent to me to review from Hachette New Zealand. I’ve never read a book 7by Jennifer E. Smith before but I keep seeing this online so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m not too sure what this is about. I think it’s like a treasure hunt of places this couple goes on to see if they want to stay together or not. I might have that completely wrong but it sounds familiar.

I actually forgot to put this on my Book Bingo board so I hope I can squeeze it in somewhere.

Maybe I’ll read it as well as The City because I’m not getting into that as fast as I’d hoped. We’ll see.


I received the next two books from Allen and Unwin New Zealand to review.

When I saw The Winner’s Kiss was available to review I requested a copy without really thinking about it. I have the other two books in the trilogy but haven’t read them. But I do like to marathon a trilogy or series so I’ll be reading and reviewing all three books this month. I love this cover of The Winner’s Kiss. That green is gorgeous!

I’ve never read a book of Emery Lord’s before and don’t know much about her but I liked the sound of this so I requested a copy to review. Hopefully I’ll like it.

9HarperCollins New Zealand also sent me The Orphan Queen to review. I’ve heard really good things about this and the sequel came out recently so I hope to read it soon.

This is another one that I’ve completely forgotten what it’s about. I do like going into books blind sometimes though so I might not look at the synopsis before I read it. I don’t know though. Sometimes it backfires on me and I end up not liking the book.

Fingers crossed it won’t happen this time. I have seen this a lot on Bookstagram and a lot of people I follow liked it. Oh, random fact, The Orphan Queen is the 100th book I’ve got this year. Only four months in and I have too many books.


Awaken was sent to my by the author to review. I’m not sure if it’s about a siren or a mermaid or a combination of both but it sounded interesting and I love the cover. My photo doesn’t really do it justice.

I really suck. I can read a synopsis and love the sound of the book and then completely forget what the books about when it turns up. I know I could just go onto Goodreads and read all of them again but to be honest I can’t be bothered and I have other things to do after this.

But this book is on Goodreads if you want to look it up.

The last book I received this month was in a promotion type thing for Kelloggs and 11Penguin Random House. If you bought two Kelloggs products and sent photos of your receipts in you could choose a book from the ones available. I was stuck wanting The Jungle Book and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Obviously in the end I chose The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I’ve never read the original stories but I have watched the movie so many times I’ve lost count.

It’s a little smaller than I expected, just over 150 pages so it shouldn’t take me too long to read whenever I get around to it.

I really hate this photo but didn’t have time to take another.

The last thing bookish I got this moth was a bookmark from ConfessionsByCourt on Esty. CgstnmjUkAAOJqKLast month I became a rep for her store and got some awesome bookmarks to promote her store but when I saw this I had to buy it.

I think Courtney has her store on ‘holiday’ at the moment so she can catch up on orders but if you want to buy anything when she opens it up again you can use my discount code to get 15% off – AimeeReads15.

She has some really cute magnetic bookmarks as well as some other wooden ones. Plus, Harry Potte, Supernatural and Star Wars ones. This one is a Stormtrooper/Alice one and I love it.

So, that’s my wrap up for another month. I’ll hopefully be reading some of these soon. My next post will be my April Wrap Up and May TBR if you want to check it out.

– Aimee.


Review: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige.

Amy Gumm’s mission to kill Dorothy didn’t go to plan. Now the Order has vanished and Dorothy is alive, but no one knows where she is. Amy has no idea what to do now. Until the wizard gives her a mission. To get the Tin Woodman’s heart, the Lion’s courage and the Scarecrow’s brain. Then she’ll be able to kill Dorothy.

Amy has no idea why these items will help her but she goes after them anyway. But in Oz, the lines between good and evil shift as easily as a gust of wind. And Amy has no idea who she can and can’t trust.

I had no problem getting into this book. I still have the same problem with the synopsis on the back of this book as I did with Dorothy Must Die though. Nothing on the back happened in this book so I assume that it will all come out in the next one.

11122318_10155675476175018_1485583826_nSo much happened in this one. Amy, the Wizard, Ozma, Pete, Queen Lulu, Mombi, Nox, Bright, Polychrome, Glinda, Dorothy, back to the Wizard and Glamora. I know none of that made any sense (unless you’ve read the book) but I can’t really talk about it without spoiling it and I really don’t want to do that. There’s almost 300 pages in The Wicked Will Rise but I’m not kidding when I say a lot happened. The journey Amy went on was crazy. I can’t believe the ending. I really want to read the next book now!

Amy did get kind of annoying and I thought she was going all dark side but that’s kind of unclear right now. The magic in these books is different but that could just be Amy’s magic. I don’t even know anymore. I’ve never read what Amy goes through with the magic in Oz, how it’s always changing because Amy is changing.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t like the book. I did. I’ll have to get my own copy of it one day. This and the one with all the novellas in it because I really want to read those now. I’ll just have to wait.

Have you read The Wicked Will Rise? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

– Aimee.