Owlcrate – October’s Mythical Creatures box.


The September Owlcrate was my first ever box and I am so glad I bought it. I will admit that when I heard it was mythical creatures and the book was about dragons I really wanted this one. I did look up which books were coming out that month to see if there were any books with dragons that I’d like because that’s one of the reasons I’ve never purchased a box, incase I don’t like the book. But I was like 99% sure I had figured the book out and I just got it anyway. DMYaqe2VQAAT0rj

I also saw the sneek peek on Owlcrate’s instagram about including a Book Beau and they are always so expensive to ship to New Zealand so I wanted to give the box a chance because I’d get a Book Beau too.

So the Book Beau was a little squished into the box and came creased. I haven’t tried to get them out yet but I might one day. It’s not the biggest size, Before She Ignites is a very tight squeeze but I can get it in… I’ve been using this for paperbacks though. I have another one from a different company that fits hardback books so I wasn’t too bothered that this didn’t fit a hardback book. And the pattern is definitely growing on me. It has a mermaid and a unicorn on it. DLlNi6yUIAE6rfH

One of my favourite items in the box is the woodmark from Ink & Wonder. I’ve been looking at their bookmarks for a while and I didn’t know how thick they were or if they’d damage a book but they’re really thin and there is so much detail in them. I love this one, it had Daenerys and her dragons on it.

I took this photo for the Owlcrate photo challenge so it doesn’t show off the bookmark really well but I still like it. There are three dragons on it and if you can’t see it says “I am the blood of the dragon.” If you want to check out Ink & Wonder’s other bookmarks click the link here. They sell a bunch of other stuff too. (The candle is from Faerie Tale Creations if you’re wondering. You can check out their etsy store here.)

The other item I really liked was the sticker from Susanne Draws. It’s of Hagrid and DMXqws1V4AAupMrBuckbeak and is adorable. I have no idea what to do with it though because I don’t want to put it on something and then regret it. What do you do with your stickers?

I’d never even heard of Susanne before I received this sticker in the Owlcrate box but if she draws other things just as cute I’d want them too. Which is why I haven’t looked because I need to save my money. Not that it’s actually working…

I didn’t take a lot of photos of the items in this box. I do have a few more but they’re on instgram and I just can’t be bothered finding them. There were some Son of Poseidon bath salts which smelt amazing but I don’t have baths so I ended up giving them to my mother. A dragon coin purse that was designed exclusively by the team at Owlcrate. It’s also adorable and I’m pretty sure I’ll end up using that one day. My wallet/purse/whatever it is doesn’t hold a lot of coins and it drives me crazy. 22280148_365328680569473_1890221652499759104_n(1)

Then there was Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows. I am actually looking forward to reading this. I love dragons and this book sounds like somethings I’m really going to enjoy. I have no idea when I’m going to read it though because my TBR is crazy at the moment.

I also received the October Owlcrate today and I love it. I’m hoping to share that sooner than I shared this one. Maybe after the Owlcrate photo challenge and then I’ll hopefully have a photo of every item. Unlike this time. Maybe.

Have you bought an Owlcrate box before? What do you think of the boxes?

– Aimee.